Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Rewind ~ New beginings

Well last week was a lot of lasts and this week, we started a big new first! Since we are moving soon, and no preschool near our new place, Aidan started joining us regularly for school time, he has his own preschool curriculum. This is not something I planned this year, the plan was for him to finish out his preschool year same place Abigail did and then start with us next year. He is a bit strong-headed and gets easily distracted, but he is who God made him to be. So I was a bit apprehensive on how this would work with the both of them together. Well happy to report our first week went great! Yes our schooling days are little bit longer, but it is working out better than I thought it would! He has a want and love to learn! He just needs a little more attention then his sister and encouragement. Monday his official curriculum arrived. I decided to use Rodd and Staff preschool workbooks after researching and asking a couple homeschool mama's. His preschool teachers from his school gave us some Abeka workbooks too, so we will use these too. In addition we are using an online program for phonics, which he really likes. Already this week I have seen a big difference in his writing and coloring, he is now taking his time and staying more in the lines when coloring.

Today is our last Friday night in our home, so last Friday night movie night with the kids here! Wednesday night, I went out with some of my Jesus sista's from here for supper. So thankful to have friends that think to do something like that, it was a fun night, so needed!! Yesterday I read some of the special notes of ecnouragement they put together for me. Only reason I got them out was because satan was trying to steal my JOY, let me tell you those notes brought me instant JOY and reminder of God's truth! Last year I bought a box to use as a prayer box, though have yet to put it together, these notes are going to be a part of it! So thank you ladies for those notes, you don't realize the impact they have already made and will continue to do.

This weekend we will finish up packing, Tuesday we close, and then start the move! My parents arrive later Thursday to help us with the unloading and unpacking, so thankful gosh I don't know what I would do without them! So thankful for friends here offering to help watch kids, load, and borrow trailers or whatever we need. Definitely could not do life without my friends! Everyone needs friends like that, we have been blessed with some great one's! So thankful for God that has blessed us here while we lived in KY, and part of what makes this move not so scary is knowing that God loves me so much, and that He loves to bless us and will continue too! Yes, I have had some tears through this, but again they are happy tears because of the love and memories I have here. Plus I won't be too far away, that I can't come visit!

With that I am leaving you with a few pics of our week and some encouraging reads I came upon. You probably won't see me here on the blog for a couple weeks, due to unpacking and exploring our new area. Plus it is fall and this weather is absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy the fall days!!

Aidan's preschool scrapbook!
Working on school work!

Aidan's preschool books arrived for homeschool!
Golf fun!

Aidan, loves barns.
Celebrating with some of my Jesus sista's!
Encouraging Reads:
No doubt about it, homeschooling is a long, arduous journey that requires many years. But God intended home and family to be a place of great blessing and joy. Homeschooling should be organic, an extension of home life.

I can feel the rhythm within me turning toward restfulness again. I let out a sigh of relief.

God has a lot to say about what he thinks about us — a whole Bible full. But if we could summarize it in a short space, here’s how it might sound
I would rather live in the Valley of Wait with Jesus than journey through life on my own.

The value of a life is always measured by how much of it was given away

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Rewind ~ Humility and Brief Update of Our Week

We are finishing up week 8 of school this week, and planned to take the week off for fall break next week. However, with our upcoming move the following week I rescheduled our week off for the following week, with a light week the following week while we get resettled. This week has been emotional for me, lots of lasts and then my dad had a wreck in his semi due to a guy going through a stop-sign. Praise the Lord no one was seriously injured, my dad got some cuts and bumps, it could of been a lot worse. Wednesday was the last day of September, also the last day of Aidan attending preschool, and our last Wednesday night attending church at our current church home! I didn't realize how emotional I was going to get, but that was a lot to take in, especially in a days time! The teachers are putting together Aidan's scrapbook from his preschool, which shows what he has done so far, these are normally passed out at the end of the year at graduation time. I did not expect we get one, since we were not finishing up the year there, but so thankful! I am thankful for the teachers that have loved and poured into my children during there preschool years! Next Friday is our last piano lesson with Mrs. Suzann. We have enjoyed our Friday afternoons there this last year. Abigail has learned so much from her. I am so grateful for Mrs. Suzann sharing her gift! Oh the happy tears! My tears are not sad tears, but tears of good memories and great people! So excuse me if I look like a mess or don't feel like talking much, I tend to shut down when I get emotional. My poor hubby, has to deal with it! So pray for him! We did get away for a date night earlier this week, so thankful for that. He took me to see War Room, a must watch and a message that could not of come at a better time. I encourage everyone to go see it! Prayer is powerful, and I experienced that this week in many ways!! I love my prayer warrior sista's!!

I am happy it is October, my favorite time of the year, fall and sweatshirt weather!!! With it being a new month, we are focusing on a new virtue...HUMILITY! The book In This House We Will Giggle describes humility~giving God and others center stage. Focus verse: Philippians 2:3-4 Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interested in others, too. 
The author shares, that it takes practice to start thinking of others first and to consciously give God center stage. This is not something that comes naturally to our prideful human natures. But humility is important to God, so it's important to us! If we are families that follow Christ, we need to get really good at putting others before ourselves. Oh and I do so agree, that is why I need Jesus!!

Pics of the week:
My dates for a wedding last weekend!
Class bear joined us for a packing event at Kids Against Hunger

We packed 3,888 meals for kids in need with some of our local homeschool peeps!
Working on school work!

Art history project this week!
Last day of attending preschool, oh bittersweet!

Abigail and Mrs. S during her piano lesson time!

Little man hanging out listening to lessons, playing on the kindle and yes a cat stalker!

Encouraging reads of the week:

There's nothing holy or noble about running your body into the ground.

Three things we do know; that have helped me be grateful in the unknown…

Honesty is the path to peace, freedom, contentment, and every good thing in Jesus.

Even in the midst of the mess, you are still a masterpiece. You are still the focus of His love.

It’s about giving them freedom when and where they can handle it, and being their guide as they grow.

Seriously so relatable (because of the dog), but great message…Because the to-dos don't really go anywhere, right? But the years somehow do.
This is a book I ordered…And together we remembered that crying honors the friendships that have been so dear to us.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Rewind~Count down

We are counting down the days to our move, well not really, because part of me is sad to be leaving this area we have grown to love and live for four years. However, if you knew the details and how this worked out, you would see that God has His hand in this! Here, we have met some wonderful people and made some great friends. At the same time we will just be down the road about 40 minutes, so hopefully we will not become strangers and vice-versa! Then there is the excitement of meeting new people, new adventures, and the possibilities. Right now, I feel like I have one foot here and one foot there, which makes it hard to stay present in the moment. I really don't like that feeling, so that is why I will be relieved when we make the move. (Last week I did write about staying present, ack!) So pray for me, I have had some teary eyed moments (not like me), but at least no break-down, at least yet!! This week we planned out some dates, and I am thankful my parents and possibly my brother too will be coming down to help us with the move. My mom is a rock-star at unpacking and putting a kitchen together and decorating! Ryan will need some man strength, he said I could do it, but I think it be wise not to ask of me, I really don't have much strength in me and really it would not be a good marriage bonding time, ha! However, I am a packing-queen!

Yesterday, I found some time to spend with a dear friend of mine here, that is also moving away, she parts Saturday from these parts. She will be 5 hours from me which is farther then I like, but we will still be able to communicate and sometime in the future will need to make a homeschool field trip to visit. My daughter and her adore each other, the boys have fun and I love my talks with my friend. We get into some good deep conversations and she has been such a wealth of help in homeschooling. Plus we just get each other!  

This week it seemed there was an appointment to be at every day, I had a dermatology appointment to get a mole removed, this is not my first time doing this, but it is important I keep having my skin checked since I had some precancerous one's removed last year. Abigail had a check-up, we had school to do, and piano lessons today! Earlier in the week, I let Aidan's preschool know when his last day would be at school, sad about it, as we have been a part of KidsFirst for 4 years and so love it there. Abigail attended and graduated from there two years ago. Anyhow, with dates now planned out, I need to adjust some things on our schedule, one is in our homeschool, so instead of taking fall break, we will do school and then take the following week off to finish packing and moving. We may even take an additional week off if need be to take some time adjusting to our new surroundings and do some exploring. Then after that will be back to school and Aidan will be joining us, doing some preschool. I had not planned on that!! So y'all be in prayer for us, this will be a bit of an adjustment, but at the same time, I think it will be great! If I fail, well Abigail will just have to take over, just kidding. Though she loves to play teacher! So they will probably have some fun working together and helping each other out.  I have some workbooks picked out so Aidan can work on letters and sounds, coloring sheets, practice drawing and counting numbers.  Other than that he will choose then to sit in, listen, and partake in our history and science curriculum, if not then he will have a little free time to play with his tractors.

We finished week 7 here at Raising Arrows! We are reading Little Pear, cute little story about the adventures of a little Japanese boy. We learning about the animals from North America, what you would find living in the rocky mountains and prairie lands. In history, we are learning about the Egyptians in time period of 3100 BC. Abigail loves learning Latin, she thinks it is fun learning to say things in a different language. Every week we read stories about missionaries from around the world, that is probably my favorite part. It is hard sometimes to read about the persecution they faced, but to see how God worked through them and saving people it is amazing! God continues to do that work today! We are each called to share the Good News! However, I sometimes wonder if it is is easier to share about Jesus to someone who has never heard of Him or to someone that knows but has chosen not to? Ultimately God is in control and is the only one who can save us!

Pics of the week (sorry didn't take but a couple)
Abigail working on school work.

Aidan doing preschool homework.

Yes, this is what my house is starting to look like, everywhere!

Encouraging reads of the week:

There are times in your spiritual life when there is confusion, and the way out of it is not simply to say that you should not be confused. It is not a matter of right and wrong, but a matter of God taking you through a way that you temporarily do not understand. And it is only by going through the spiritual confusion that you will come to the understanding of what God wants for you.

The next time you find yourself having a messy or difficult day, stop and ask yourself what God may want to teach you. Don’t fight it and don’t pretend it’s okay. Instead, be still, let go, and let God take over.

Some days are those days that you need to seek a quietness.

The thing is, you’ve probably noticed, that homeschooling and parenting and homemaking are not easy ventures. They don’t stop because it’s Friday night. We don’t get to quit like Fred Flintstone when the toucan roars.

You can do good things for God. But if those good things don’t flow from a relationship with God, discovering your purpose will feel a lot like looking for a two-legged unicorn. 7 consequences of living a hurried life.

There is only one gift — the one ocean of Christ that falls as rain over us in a thousand ways. Christ is the offering and salvation is the gift and repentance is what makes us recipients of grace. Christ is the gift. Christ is the bridge Home. Christ is our joy. How can I forget this, ever stop giving thanks for Him alone? Happiness is not getting something — but being given to Someone.