Friday, September 23, 2016

HOPE, weekly encouragement and snapshots!

HOPE~yes that is what you tell yourself when your going through something, but what exactly does it mean? Hope it sounds like a good word, right!? Well I said that to a dear friend going through a hard time the other day, and then I thought I need to understand that word hope better (and I when I thought that, I meant later, some other time). Well I opened up a book I am reading (Breathing Eden) and there it is HOPE. Romans 5:3-5 Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

Breathing Eden
So I start reading this and pondering on the questions. Then I open up my Bible and look up the word hope, and there is verse upon verse throughout the Bible. Hope is akin to trust and a confident expectation. (Titus 1:2 in the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time) What a reminder how God hears and knows it all and what confirmation He gives. Why we always need to take everything to Him! God continued to put that word HOPE in front of me this week, not just once but several times throughout the week! I am so thankful to have a God that speak to me, loves me and desires a relationship with me!

We read poetry as part of homeschooling and this poem by Emily Dickinson about hope is good too "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all." 

 That was a little personal encouragement from me and what God spoke to me this week, been a while since I have wrote about my personal thoughts and shared. Hoping there are others out there maybe need that reminder to keep the HOPE, as I did!! We all have struggles, from time to time, and some seasons are hard, but there is hope!! Here is some more encouragement from posts I read this week:
All these “never the same” moments turned our lives in new directions. Led us down paths we never anticipated and certainly would not have planned. Molded us into people we never imagined we’d be, for better, for worse.
When my actions and attitude reflect my priorities, that peace and joy spill over beyond our family too. That’s ministry. That’s pursuing what matters. That’s kingdom work.
Embrace who you are, and all the weird quirky ways that make you, you.
Be kind to yourself. Forfeit the fight to be perfect. Listen to God’s truth.
We are heard by the One who made us every time we call His name. If we’re concerned enough to bring it to Him, the Bible says He bends down to listen.
Hopeless is an absolutely defeated word. It means it’s over, there’s nothing left to live for, no joy to be found, no peace for the future. But, hope, hope in Jesus means it might be the end of the road, but He may carve out a new road that we cannot see. He may do what only He can do. And there’s hope! Whom are you hoping in? Who are you trusting even if your heart may be broken?

This was in the Savior devotion this week, so good!
Two books I am in the process of review for Tyndale!!

Snapshots of our week:
This crew went to a parade Saturday morning, we didn't let the rain stop our parade!
Welcome fall, I like being able to lock up the chickens early at night with the earlier sunsets and a little longer quiet time to enjoy them!
Working hard on writing, love his determination!
Love there different personalities!! We are signing along to geography songs!
This girl finished her poster and is excited for Souper Supper, raising money for Global Hunger Relief!
This sweet girl saved up her birthday money and bought herself a tea set! Love moments like this!
One little boy is excited for Halloween to come!
More progress on the guest room being made!
Socks has earned his keep, caught his first mouse! Way to go little rescue kitty! Country life!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 7 of Raising Arrows, Snapshots and Encouragement!

Wise reminder!

A week after a vacation is hard to get back into the swing of things, but we survived, woot woot!!! Before vacation ended, we snuck in individual dates with the kids and made some fun memories! The hubs finished another project, and started on another, as you will see in the pics below. He never ceases to amaze me!!
The kids finished up their read-a-thon this week, that is a part of our homeschool co-op! Well that was one of the easier challenges for us, because our curriculum is literature based so we get in a ton of reading in as part of school and we pretty much love reading! There goal was to read a minimum of 240 minutes in a two week period! The kids have another week to collect sponsor money, so if you are a reading fan and like to sponsor some great kids in winning some money for prizes and books, contact us! It has been fun to be a part of encouraging reading with a great program from Usborne!

I found out I am a part of the Love, Listen, Repeat a new book coming out by Karen Ehman, oh my I just love her! Check out her blog and watch for upcoming info on the new book soon at

Weekly encouraging reads:

Scientists are now discovering that what God has been telling us all along is not simply “good advice”. Giving thanks is far more than nice little phrases for our cute little daily bible-verse-calendars with eagles flying on them. There is life-transforming power when we put gratitude into practice.

Here’s reality: life is hard! Yet, God has so gifted us with a means to remind each other of the gospel in Christian community.

These are the masks of God, behind which he wants to remain concealed and do all things.

To walk through life as a woman of wisdom, knowing what God sets down in His Word as His priorities will direct your days and your choices.

Weekly Snapshots:

Heading out on a golf date with daddy! Zeke and his puppy dog eyes!
Mama and son date, heading out shopping together.
On a date with daddy at the tractor pulls!
Us girls stayed home for popcorn and Little House On The Prairie
I have grown to love soccer, love watching my little man, he ran hard!
Socks is venturing out, under the watchful eye of Peter!
Love catching sleeping babies, precious!
Sometimes more comfortable to do schoolwork on the floor!
Mama said there be days like this, need coffee!!!
Another project done by the hubs, basement steps finished!

New project started, finishing out the guest room!
Never tie of God's beautiful sunsets! In awe!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I am breathing eden~book review

I am so excited to be a part of the book launch for Jennifer Camp's new book, Breathing Eden~Conversations with God on light, fresh air, and new things. Oh my ladies, this book, every section has been heart and soul filling!

I first came across Jennifer's Loop devotions, which are full of so much depth a couple months ago. In that process I found out about her new book coming out soon and jumped in to be a part of the book launch. So thankful they took me in! I can not tell you what a blessing it is to be a part of this launch. The stories, hearing the ladies hear from God, the deep soul touching prayers. It just made me realize some things currently in my life that I have been holding in and this book has helped me to be open to seeing and writing those out to God and being open to hearing from God, rather then being stubborn and holding it in. I tend to do that, hold my feelings in, until it is too much type of person. So not healthy, I know! Relying on God's promises and confidence so much more peaceful!

The intro had me with these words "No matter our circumstances, we need God's perspective on them. We need to know how He sees us. Come on, girl, He says. Let my light shine in."

This book consists of stories from 40 women and their prayer to God and His answers back. Some of these women I so related with and some women had really hard hurts where I just wanted to reach through the page and hug them. At the end of each story and conversation is a place for you to personally write your own story. Each story, has scripture and questions to take you deeper into hearing what God may be communicating with you. This is not some beach read, this is a slow deep thought provoking read, a book to take your time with, book where you can read a story and pick up anywhere in the book later on. A book you can spend 5 minutes with or hours with. A book to come back to again and again. You will find yourself in the pages, and other women in your life throughout the book. So if you are having trouble hearing and listening to God, want some truth, want to see the light, breath, and see new things, then get this book. This book has touched my heart in many ways. It's deep and full of so much heart ♡

Right now there are some great bonuses that Jennifer is offering at when they pre-order now and she shares more information about her book at her web-site. Also I would suggest to also sign up for her Loop devotional.


Friday, September 9, 2016

School break, encouragement, and snapshots!!

This week in Raising Arrows, was our first school break of the new school year!! We finished six weeks of school, so it was time for a little R and R! The husband took a few days off and we headed to Chattanooga, may I just say, I love it, my new favorite city! We went to the Aquarium, watched an IMAX film titled American Wild: National Parks Adventure (Which reminded we why I so love nature and all the reminders of God's wonders!), and we went to  Rock City at Lookout  Mountain (Which was another reminder of what my soul needs more of, nature!). While there I had to deal with being afraid of heights and being in tight places, yes just a little claustrophobia, but the beauty, nature~so worth it! We ate at some fabulous restaurants and the kids played a lot in the pool, which we had to our entire selves! Definitely one of the perks homeschooling is going places when everyone else is working and back in school, so we dealt with no crowds!!

The next few days I will work on our plans for the next 6-8 weeks in Raising Arrows and enjoy a little down-time, which includes reading time for me!! That is how this mama refreshes her soul, family time, reading, nature, and organizing/planning!

Encouraging reads this week: 
No one dream is meant to be the “ultimate” dream. Each dream is supposed to seed the next. 
Let’s consider what Proverbs 31 looks like through the homeschool lens. 
The gospel frees us to live a life of freedom knowing that we are loved as we are. 
I was born and raised in MN, when the disappearance of Jacob happened, I was a teenager, I remember the story clearly and how scary it was. They now have an answer, not what they hoped for but…Mrs. Wetterling’s wisdom and grace so touched my heart. Love wins! So in the actual face of tragedy, staring us down from the paper and the news and the internet, what can we do? 
Yes to every one of these, 10  reasons homeschooling is a gift to our family:

SNAPSHOTS of our week:

This girl celebrated her 8th birthday with dear friends that visited from out of state!
Why yes, birthday cake for breakfast!
Made it to Chattanooga, enjoying lunch at an outside cafe!
Aquarium with these cuties!
Penguins are fun to watch!
This girl got herself a butterfly, at the butterfly garden!
Fun at the pool, pool train, added bonus all to ourselves!
Downtown view, ready to head to the mountains!
Love my family! Enjoying Rock City!
My loves!
Mushroom rock!
Little man always has the cutest facial expressions, loving the light shining down on these two!
Reminder of HIS light shining!
See Seven States!
God bless the USA and the southern states!
At Lover's Leap with my love!
Such a peaceful place!
My crazy little birds!
We came, we saw, we conquered!