Monday, January 21, 2008

First Ultrasound

Today was my first official appointment with my doctor, she decided to do the ultrasound today since she had time! Ryan was lucky enough to be there too, the railroad didn't call him away.

Our doctor said that everything looks perfect. We were able to see the heartbeat and at this time the babies heartbeat is 125 beats per minutes. Our due date is September 14th, hey I was only off two days from my estimate.

It was really awesome seeing the baby and also a relief to hear everything is good. You know one always worries about these things. You could see Ryan really liked seeing the baby too and hearing the news. Plus we are only having one baby, for those out there saying twins, haha, that wasn't so funny. :)

Since we had our ultrasound today our Valentine's appointment was canceled, but this is ok, now if Ryan is home we can go on a romantic lunch date instead. Hint honey! :)

The next appointment will be February 21st. So now all I have to do is get through this nausea and by the way my doctor was very happy to hear I was having nausea, apparently that is a sign of a good pregnancy. All I have to say to that is I love to hear any good tips on getting through nausea and also the indigestion I incur after eating. I have ginger candies, but they only seem to help for a short time, and gosh I can't seem to eat more then a couple of those potent little candies.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

PG Symptoms

Going on week seven. So yes the lovely pregnancy symptoms have begun. I was hoping I may not have any and be one of those lucky pregnant gals, which is rare. It all started with indigestion after eating and now the nausea started a couple days ago. But I am getting through it all. Yoga breathing really helps. I have been keeping up on my yoga practice, though have had to slow down a bit and stop doing some poses. But it is what helps keep me sane and helps me through the day. Ryan has been a super big help! Helping me with shopping and cleaning, which I know he hates but he does it with a smile :) He said something to me a couple weeks ago when we found out we were going to becoming parents. He said I was his "idol". So you guys out there better take note of that! He is being so patient with me and listens to me complain, which I try not to do.

Anyhow, Monday I have my first real appointment with the doc. We are doing blood work testing and of course the big Q&A.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Beginning-A Journey For Life

It all started on Sunday January 6, 2008 when I decided to take a pregnancy test, since I was a few days late and also my body has been feeling funky for the last few days. Well low & behold it turned positive within seconds, I thought I was going to hyperventilate! I called Ryan, who was on his way home from the gym and told him he needed to hurry home. He came in and all I could say was look, look, he was like what? Then he saw it and his face just light up! We were both like, is it for real? So off to Walgreens he went to get another test, a few hours later took that test and again, POSITIVE! Oh my, we are pregnant!!! This is what we have been waiting for, what seemed like forever.

Monday, January 7th I went into the clinic and had a blood test, about an hour and half later the nurse called with the good news, yes we are pregnant! I will have my first appointment with my doctor on January 21st, which will be blood work and question and answer session. Then on Valentine’s Day we will have an ultrasound. I will be ten weeks at that time, so will also be able to hear the heartbeat!

Keep watching and reading for future updates on our JOURNEY. Also please feel to make comments, send tips, and advice.

Love and peace to each and every one of you!!

Ryan & Jennie