Wednesday, February 27, 2008

OB appointment update

Ryan and I went for my OB check up appointment this morning. We met with my OB's partner, since my OB is on bed rest, by the way she is doing well, just bored out of her mind. Today we listened to the baby's heartbeat, which is beating at 156 beats per minute, pretty awesome. All my blood work came back good, except that I am anemic, no big deal, just have to take iron supplements. You should see these pills there like horse sized pills, but I am able to choke them down fine, added to all the other vitamins I am taking, I sometimes feel like I am a pill popper. I am taking prenatal vitamins, calcium supplements, and omega 3s, which is really good for brain development. You know we are going to have one healthy smart baby! I have another check up in 4 weeks, which will be March 25th. We need to wait 7 weeks until the sonogram, because the doctor wants to check the spine and baby's development. At that time also we will be able to find out if we are having a boy or girl.

Today I am 11 1/2 weeks, getting near to the 2nd trimester, which I hear is the honeymoon trimester. Suppose to feel awesome, so hoping no more nausea and being able to stay up past at 8pm because I am so tired.

So we will all have to wait for another 7 weeks before we get to see baby again, but it is good hearing that heartbeat!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Two blogs in a matter of days.

Well news to share, my OB doc was put on bed rest, I sure feel for her, she isn't due till May, but they assure me she will be back early this summer and be there for my last few months and my delivery. I hope so, she is one of the best OB docs in Corpus. So in the time being I am seeing her partner, thankfully she is female also, so that makes me feel a little bit more at ease. But I have been seeing my OB doc for the last 2 years, so I really feel comfortable with, I am sure though all will be fine and it is only for the next few months. So this also means my appointment for Thursday is rescheduled to next Wednesday, so no update this week, have to wait till next week.

Today Ryan and I decided on a theme, my mom got me on the idea a couple days ago when she had some Beatrix Potter prints come in the store. I really liked them, but Ryan said there too girly even if we are to have a girl, he wants his girl to be able to gut a deer and change oil. I have to laugh, because honestly I don't think Ryan has ever gutted a deer and we take our vehicles in to get the oil changed, though I know he does know how. I do too, if I had too. But I am really thinking if we have girl she won't be gutting no deer, that is something her mom wouldn't do, let alone eat the poor deer. So back to the baby room themes. Ryan had some ideas and I had some more but we couldn't seem to agree and I was beginning to think we wouldn't be able to compromise on a theme. Gosh the names were easy to pick out, you would think theme would be even easier. Today I looked at the room that will soon be the baby's room and we have this painting hung in the room, that Rachel painted years ago, it has animals in the center and is surrounded by sun, moon, and stars. So there you have, there is our theme Sun, Moon and Stars. Ryan loved the idea too, didn't take any convincing.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week 10 Update

So about 30 weeks to go!! I think my nausea is coming to an end soon. I hope!! The nausea hasn't been as bad, not lasting all day, just coming and going throughout the day. Went to a wonderful yoga class yesterday, definitely what my mind and body needed!! Maybe I will get back in to going to classes again, I had to stop temporary as the nausea and tiredness made it too hard to function. But I still managed during that time to do a 20 minute yoga practice at home. I realize that what I am going through is prep for when the baby comes. My tummy is already growing and baby is still making me very tired, but we continue to be excited for the day the baby arrives!

Next Thursday I have my monthly appointment with my OB, so will for sure post any new news she has to share with me. In another month or two I should be able to find out the sex of the baby. We are so anxious to find out so we can start planning and buying things for the baby.

Ryan continues to be a wonderful supportive husband through all this! Helping me around the house, getting groceries, and putting up with me being tired and cranky. He is going to be such a wonderful Dad!!

My mom's have been busy planning a baby shower for me in Minnesota, it will be Sunday, May 18 from 1-3pm at St. John's. I am hoping to see a lot of my family and friends, since I don't get to see them much. Also I will be up in Minnesota to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday too!

My parents will be visiting Easter weekend, so they will be the last one's to stay in our guest room. After they leave it will be turned into the baby room. I am ready to start decorating and getting things for the room. I have two colors picked out depending on if we have a boy or girl.

I guess I have rambled on a lot, but since I haven't blogged much I figure I fill ya'll in.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Update-Week 8 of Pregnancy

Well not much new going on, still feeling very nauseated and tired 24/7. So I have been taking advantage of the couch, which is not like me, as I am a person that goes and goes. Today I have had my fill of Lifetime movies. I have also been catching up on some lost sleep over the years, I now get about 10 hours of sleep a night. A lot more then my usual 4-5 hours that I survive on normally. Looking forward to the second trimester and I am sure my hubby is too.