Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Appointment Follow-up

We had our monthly follow up today, baby's heartbeat is still 155 beats per minute. Everything else checked out good and normal. We have our ultrasound schedule now for the 23rd of April instead of the 16th, the doc wants me to be 20 weeks so that she can check out how the baby is growing and at that time we will find out if we are having a boy or girl!! My parents visit was lots of fun and just what I needed. They got me eating some good food and mom cooked an excellent Easter dinner. It definitely cheered me up, after feeling so blah all the time. I am still dealing with nausea though not as bad, it is light and comes and goes. It has been really nice being off work for the last few days, being able to rest, relax and get good sleep.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hapy Easter!

Here is a cute picture of our baby niece Dezbah in her Easter outfit, looking so cute!!

My parents arrive today from a visit from Minnesota! There here to spend Easter with us. This will be the first holiday together with family in over 3 years for us. Now I am just hoping my tummy will cooperate so I can enjoy the food. Still dealing with nausea and now added to the mix is indigestion, if I am not careful of what I eat and how much.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here it is Sunday, and I should be enjoying the day and we should be celebrating Ryan's birthday. Instead he is out doing lawn work and I am trying to make it through the day, another day of bad nausea and no energy. I don't know right now if I feel more bad for my husband because it's his birthday and we should be having a great day or for myself , which would be selfish. I keep hope though that this is the last week I will feel like this and the rest of my pregnancy will be wonderful. Pregnancy has been one of the most joyful moments and most challenging. I am so very lucky and glad to be pregnant since it took such a long time, but I also am feeling the challenge of trying to get through the day feeling sick and not wanting to do anything. I am sure you are all sick and tired of hearing me complain and I don't want sympathy, I just want to feel good!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Week 13

I wonder what week 13 will be like, so far not starting off too bad. I stopped taking the prescribed iron supplements from my physician. After trying two different brands, they made me awful sick, ten times worse then I was already feeling. I am now taking an over the counter supplement which I ok'd with the doc and doing much better.

I got 12 hours of sleep last night and the nausea is light today, though still low energy. During the week all I do is work and sleep, I don't get time nor do I feel like doing anything else and I really need to start doing a few good things for myself, like trying to get to more yoga classes. Yoga helps me to connect with my body and makes me feel good. I went to a restorative class on Thursday and it really felt good, physically and emotionally. Lately I have been feeling really down. I like to know how pregnant moms get it all done and enjoy themselves? This is just tougher then I imagined it would be. I am sure this is all good prep for when the baby is actually here. :) Which I am sure will be filled with lots of loving challenges! I am really looking forward to all the good times ahead with our new little baby. Need to keep my eye on the prize!

I am glad the weekend is here, I have more time to relax and do things for myself. Today I felt well enough to take my friend out for birthday lunch! Her and Ryan actually share the same day! Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday!! I made him his favorite cake-German Chocolate, though I still don't have my regular appetite yet, so I don't know if I will indulge in the cake or not. So let's all wish Ryan a very Happy Birthday! He deserves it for having to put up with me these last 7 weeks of not feeling well. He has been a trouper through all this and good support. I love him so much and hope his special day is filled with joy!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When is the honeymoon coming?

Is this nausea ever going to go away!? I should be feeling joyous, happy, wonderful!! Instead I feel the opposite. I am so tired and nauseated all the time. If it were my choice I just stay in bed all day and sleep until I was feeling good. I hate food right now, which makes eating hard, but I eat, just because I know I have to so this little bambino can grow healthy and strong. I miss enjoying food and eating my favorite foods, right now I have no favorite foods. All these moms and books tell you how wonderful being pregnant is, I am beginning to think they are all crazy or lying! Come on women, tell the truth, it is hard being pregnant, why should we fake and pretend it is all glorious and wonderful? OK I am sure there are some women out there that don’t go through this terrible nausea, so for you women that don’t go through it, it is a miracle. Because after going through it myself and talking to other pregnant women or moms, somehow it all comes out, how hard it was. But they tell me to have hope, there is an end in sight. You should be feeling wonderful at 14 weeks, first I heard 12, now 14, what will it be when I am 14? So here is hope of getting through another couple weeks and hopefully feeling wonderful! Otherwise pretty soon, my pretend little smile is going to turn into a frown and there will be a new “B” in town! Now don’t all get me wrong I am very glad that I am pregnant and I have been wanting this and can’t wait to meet this new life that is being created inside of me. But for now it is a struggle and I am just trying to deal with it the best I can. So sorry, no funny stories to share or anything exciting going on with me. Let’s hope that will all change and I will be writing funny and positive things soon!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

End of 1st Trimester

I am on the last week of my first trimester, hoping that means an end to the nausea soon. This all has given me a new perspective on what mother's go through having and raising children. I feel a lot more respect towards mothers now. I feel so much more gratitude towards my mother for giving me life.

Today I tackled a little shopping, which exhausted me. I use to be able shop all day long, I made it through an hour today before I told myself that is enough, time to go back home and rest. It amazes me what my body is going through creating and nurturing this life growing inside of me. I look forward to the day I get to meet this new little one. I have already been thinking about all the wonderful things I love for my child to be able to do, but of course I know that may not happen, as you can't force a child to like something or want to do something. Because I remember a time when I was maybe about 4 or 5 years old, I was sitting on the top step of our stair case, and my mom was already to take me to my first dance class. I asked her before we were going to go if there would be boys in the class and she said maybe, and that freaked me out so much, that I didn't want to go to dance class because I might get boy germs. Of course my mom didn't make me go and I realize now just how funny it all was, hope my mom thinks so too and it didn't disappoint her too much that day when I said no and all because of boy germs. Which brings me to the hope that Ryan has for our child. He has this dream of making a golf pro out of our child and well I am hoping our child will enjoy yoga. I think yoga and golf would both benefit each other, be one with the ball. That is what I tell myself when I try to golf. So whatever our child decides they want to do, I will support them, but here is hope that maybe one of Ryan's dreams will come true for our child.