Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Count down...

Been a week since we saw our future daughter on the ultrasound, and I still think that was so amazing, one of the greatest moments! Since then we have found out another girl will be added to the family too this year, Ryan’s step brother and wife are also having a girl. Seems to be that GIRLS RULE!! Coming up in a couple weeks will be our niece’s first birthday, along with my CC friend’s daughter first birthday also!! So double celebration!! My good friend from Houston found out she should be going into labor within a week! I am so excited for her. She is also expecting a girl!

In just a couple weeks I will be making my adventures to my home state for my baby shower! I am looking forward to seeing all my family and friends!

Not much new going on with me, still have some slight nausea and not sleeping well, but hey I better get use to the no sleep. But in the time being I am trying to get as much as I can until Abigail comes. I continue to walk and do lots of yoga. We made it to the Rodeo on Sunday, I love watching the mutton races, little kids riding sheep, and for sure our little girl will be doing that. Ryan has been staying busy with work, practicing his golf swing, softball, and working on the baby’s room. He has the crib up and is in the process of staining the cradle, which will be placed in our bedroom for Abigail to sleep close to us. I wonder how Molly our weim will like that sleeping arrangement. I should probably tell her she needs to start getting all the extra sleep she can now too. Good thing our other dog, Junior loves his kennel, he sleeps in it every night, otherwise our bedroom would be getting very cozy. Junior will probably be getting the most sleep in the house after Abigail’s arrival. Still not sure how to get the dogs prepared for there new little playmate, they both are so spoiled and use to getting all the attention.

Tomorrow is lunch with some girlfriends, going to go try the Thai Cottage. I hear it is yummy and I love thai pad and curry!

Counting down the days till I am in Minnesota ….15!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Abigail-19 weeks

These might be a little hard for some of you to make out, but the soon to be parents know what the pics are. The live screen viewing was so much more detailed and easier to see. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a girl....

The ultrasound was so amazing this morning and I am so glad Ryan was there to share in the experience and the joy, it was truly something you don't forget. It is amazing all the detail you see, especially since the first one at 6 weeks, she looked like a little tadpole then. You are able to see all the organs, bones, etc...Got to see she has all her fingers & toes! She is a feisty one at that, she kept moving around and didn't want to cooperate for the tech, but she got the pics & measurements she needed. I have a few and will scan them in soon, there not as good as watching on the live screen. You miss out on all the detail and moving. The tech said looks like a girl!! So it looks like we will be having an Abigail Rose!! Also most important she is developing normal and everything looks healthy!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Boy or Girl??

Just a few more days and we will find out if we are having a boy or girl. The ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday! Hoping Ryan will be there so he finds out at the same time. So we love to see what your predictions are, so be sure to send us a comment. We will be sure to share the news right away, so you can find out if you were right or wrong.

We had a nice time in Houston on Sunday. I spent time with Jennifer and the girls at her baby shower and Ryan played some golf with Lance. It was a long drive, but worth the trip to be there for the special day. I am looking forward to her baby coming, Kiya is due May 9th!!

Earlier this week Ryan and I got the crib for the baby’s room and we also got the crib bedding, it is so cute, in yellows and blues with sun, moon, and stars. The room is already so cheery looking. I keep wondering if our dogs notice anything yet? The only thing there missing is there daily walks right now.

In less then a month I will be visiting my family and friends in Minnesota . My family has planned a baby shower for me on May 18th, so I am hoping to see lots of my family and friends! It will be fun celebrating with everyone!! So please all you Minnesotans that know me mark your calendars for my visit!

Still been feeling blah, tired all the time and the nausea still comes and go, though not all day like it was so that is a little bit of relief. But I am already a little more then ½ way through my pregnancy so just keeping my eye on the days.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Off to the pool....

Got lots of sleep, though wasn't good sleep and made it to the morning yoga class on the Island, so feeling pretty good today! I am now getting ready to head to the pool, for some warm sunshine and fun with the girls! Tomorrow is road trip to Houston for my friend Jennifer's baby shower!! The boys are going to play golf and the pups are going for a bath during the baby shower. Going to be a fun weekend!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Month 5!

Wow can you believe it, I am in my 5th month of pregnancy! Though September still feels like a long time away. Ryan has the baby's room ready, just need to finish up on a few things and get the crib, but it is all painted, the trundle bed is set up, and the dresser is ready. Now just need to fill it up with all those baby necessities. I have already got a few things, Tiffany brought over her papasan, which everyone says is a life saver. Plus I got a few cute baby gifts for my birthday, a cute little burp cloth, that I get to take in to get embroidered once I find out what we are having and also a cute little insulated bag for baby food and bottles. It will be much easier to fill up once we find out if we are having a boy or girl, which will be April 23rd, so be sure to keep watching this blog to be one of the first to find out. Well this week my nausea has started to come back, haven't been feeling really well these last couple days, so I am taking it a little easier and resting more, but still doing yoga. Yoga really helps me feel better. Today I am going in for a prenatal massage, I so need my back muscles worked on. Finding it harder to sleep now, with not be able to get comfortable, getting hot at night, and then have to pee all the time. My belly hasn't grown much in the last week, but I do have a little bump, I am sure that bump will be growing bigger over the next few weeks.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Time

I have been busy having fun and enjoying life once again! My nausea has started to subside, I usually just have a couple mild episodes a day, but it is manageable. Still feel drained and tire more easily, but I guess that is to be expected. You know I am just a little person and my body is creating this wonderful life, so I imagine that is where all my energy is going. But I have started enjoying walks and doing a little more yoga, well home practice, not much here in Corpus for prenatal yoga. Good thing I took the training and am certified, so I can be my own teacher. I am enjoying teaching my Wednesday noon class once again, before it was a struggle to get through. My class Wednesday was large and full of good energy!

Hubby and I took a little trip to Austin last week! It was so nice to get away from every day life and responsibilities. Plus Austin is so beautiful and full of outdoor activities. We enjoyed walking on the trails, visiting the parks, eating at the local yummy restaurants, and visiting all the cool and trendy shopping places. I was also able to take two prenatal yoga classes and enjoyed time with Stacy! Stacy took me to a wonderful resale clothing store, which carries, baby, children, and maternity clothes. Was able to get a very big bag of cute maternity clothes for cheap! I was finally able to ask Stacy to be my yogini doula during the birth, she said yes, I think she may be more excited about the birth then I am. Probably because I am so nervous! Stacy is so wonderful, Ryan and I know she is going to be a great support and help during the birth! Ryan was also able to catch up with a friend and play some golf on a very nice course too while we were in Austin . It sure was hard coming back to Corpus from Austin , but we missed our dogs, our cute little home and of course my CC friends too!!

I have started getting my baby registry’s ready, which is hard. Going to be a first time mom and I don’t know what we all need or what this baby will need. There are so many things to look through. So appreciate any advice any one has on the top things a first time mom needs. Ryan has also started painting the baby’s room and made a diaper changing station to put on top of the dresser my parents brought us down from their store. We got the idea up in Austin , it is so cool! Ryan is so handy! Let’s hope the baby inherits Ryan’s artsy creative skills.