Friday, April 18, 2008

Boy or Girl??

Just a few more days and we will find out if we are having a boy or girl. The ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday! Hoping Ryan will be there so he finds out at the same time. So we love to see what your predictions are, so be sure to send us a comment. We will be sure to share the news right away, so you can find out if you were right or wrong.

We had a nice time in Houston on Sunday. I spent time with Jennifer and the girls at her baby shower and Ryan played some golf with Lance. It was a long drive, but worth the trip to be there for the special day. I am looking forward to her baby coming, Kiya is due May 9th!!

Earlier this week Ryan and I got the crib for the baby’s room and we also got the crib bedding, it is so cute, in yellows and blues with sun, moon, and stars. The room is already so cheery looking. I keep wondering if our dogs notice anything yet? The only thing there missing is there daily walks right now.

In less then a month I will be visiting my family and friends in Minnesota . My family has planned a baby shower for me on May 18th, so I am hoping to see lots of my family and friends! It will be fun celebrating with everyone!! So please all you Minnesotans that know me mark your calendars for my visit!

Still been feeling blah, tired all the time and the nausea still comes and go, though not all day like it was so that is a little bit of relief. But I am already a little more then ½ way through my pregnancy so just keeping my eye on the days.

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