Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a girl....

The ultrasound was so amazing this morning and I am so glad Ryan was there to share in the experience and the joy, it was truly something you don't forget. It is amazing all the detail you see, especially since the first one at 6 weeks, she looked like a little tadpole then. You are able to see all the organs, bones, etc...Got to see she has all her fingers & toes! She is a feisty one at that, she kept moving around and didn't want to cooperate for the tech, but she got the pics & measurements she needed. I have a few and will scan them in soon, there not as good as watching on the live screen. You miss out on all the detail and moving. The tech said looks like a girl!! So it looks like we will be having an Abigail Rose!! Also most important she is developing normal and everything looks healthy!!


  1. Congrats, Jen!! I'm very excited for you!! Cori

  2. yay!!!!!! Now Emalina will have a girlfriend at the beach!
    I'm so excited for you Jennie!!! It really is the best, most amazing love ever. I can't wait for you to meet your little Abigail in person!!!!


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