Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Time

I have been busy having fun and enjoying life once again! My nausea has started to subside, I usually just have a couple mild episodes a day, but it is manageable. Still feel drained and tire more easily, but I guess that is to be expected. You know I am just a little person and my body is creating this wonderful life, so I imagine that is where all my energy is going. But I have started enjoying walks and doing a little more yoga, well home practice, not much here in Corpus for prenatal yoga. Good thing I took the training and am certified, so I can be my own teacher. I am enjoying teaching my Wednesday noon class once again, before it was a struggle to get through. My class Wednesday was large and full of good energy!

Hubby and I took a little trip to Austin last week! It was so nice to get away from every day life and responsibilities. Plus Austin is so beautiful and full of outdoor activities. We enjoyed walking on the trails, visiting the parks, eating at the local yummy restaurants, and visiting all the cool and trendy shopping places. I was also able to take two prenatal yoga classes and enjoyed time with Stacy! Stacy took me to a wonderful resale clothing store, which carries, baby, children, and maternity clothes. Was able to get a very big bag of cute maternity clothes for cheap! I was finally able to ask Stacy to be my yogini doula during the birth, she said yes, I think she may be more excited about the birth then I am. Probably because I am so nervous! Stacy is so wonderful, Ryan and I know she is going to be a great support and help during the birth! Ryan was also able to catch up with a friend and play some golf on a very nice course too while we were in Austin . It sure was hard coming back to Corpus from Austin , but we missed our dogs, our cute little home and of course my CC friends too!!

I have started getting my baby registry’s ready, which is hard. Going to be a first time mom and I don’t know what we all need or what this baby will need. There are so many things to look through. So appreciate any advice any one has on the top things a first time mom needs. Ryan has also started painting the baby’s room and made a diaper changing station to put on top of the dresser my parents brought us down from their store. We got the idea up in Austin , it is so cool! Ryan is so handy! Let’s hope the baby inherits Ryan’s artsy creative skills.

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