Friday, July 25, 2008

7 weeks to go...

We had a hurricane scare this week, it hit 2 1/2 hours south from us, so we are very lucky. We did receive rain and high winds from the storm, but no damage. So we must all be thankful to God for watching over us!

Ryan has also been very lucky in being that he has been able to attend all our birthing classes so far. This week we did a little mock labor and listened to a woman who recently gave birth share her birth experience. She had a wonderful birth, I hope to be as lucky as her. She ended up going natural, no drugs and labor was about 3 hours. Next week is our last birthing class. Then in August we have breastfeeding and newborn care class. Abigail's room is complete and waiting for her arrival. I have also been working on her scrapbook, which I look forward to giving her someday.

I have started to come across the kindness of strangers. I recently had a yoga student in a class I attend give me a gift bag full of wonderful things for Abigail. It was so unexpected, but yet it certainly made my day. Also about a month ago we purchased a used stroller/car seat, which looks brand new from a couple here in Corpus, and she threw in a couple extras. Since then her and I have been chatting and we hope to get together soon. We share the same first name and she has a 1 year old daughter, so I think we will have fun getting together and watching our daughters play together. These strangers, well not so much strangers now, have made me realize just how blessed I am.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

Sometimes I can be the worst person at making a decision. I sometimes over analyze situations, but it only because I am trying to make the best decision. But though I don’t think I am as bad as some people, won’t mention any names.

So Thursday was our follow up with the OB doc in regards to how seeing the specialist went. The appointment went well, Ryan was there to ask some very good questions, which is good because my brain isn’t functioning at a clear level right now, which is normal in pregnancy, so at least I have a reason. So now the doc is leaving it up to me if I want to get the 3 hour GD test? As long as I stay in the normal ranges, which I felt would not be a problem, I could have a normal pregnancy with no induction, of course that is also based on other things too, you never know there could be other complications that come up, but I feel I will have a safe and healthy pregnancy. The doc feels that I will probably fail the GD test, not because I am diabetic, but just because during pregnancy my body is not functioning normal. So I am trying to decide do I waste 3 hours hoping to pass the GD test or just leave it as is and just do some monitoring here and there? I think I will just pass up taking the 3 hour test, why do something that is going to waste 3 hours of my day and plus no guarantees this test is any better. I do believe though there should be new and updated testing for GD. Maybe someday there will be.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Good news...

I heard good news from the specialist I went to see last week, my test results the specialist did all came back normal, she even did something where you can test back 3 months and those blood sugar results were were normal too. So now to get the Gestational Diabetes off my chart I have to go in and do the 3 hour GD test. Which involves fasting over night, drinking a potion (yes I am calling it a potion, it is equivalent to eating a full meal at a fast food restaurant, though this test still seems unfair), then having blood drawn over a 3 hour time frame. The specialist is calling my OB doc with the results and get the second test arranged. All the hassle I had to go to and the 2nd opinion was worth it. I did not want to be diagnosed with something I did not have as that would put me at a high risk, extra testing for both baby and I. I guess it just goes to prove get a 2nd opinion.

Tonight is our 2nd session of our Tranquil Birthing class, so far Ryan is not working, so it looks good for us to both be a class. Last week's class was exciting for me, really is a great bonding experience for us.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


For the first time in a long time I am feeling wonderful! I actually slept really well last night! I think some of the stress with all this GD talk has lifted some after seeing the specialist. She did send me home with a glucose monitor just in case the test results don't come back good. So anyhow, thought while I am off work for a few days why not play around with this and see what my levels are. Well my levels are normal, actually this morning after getting up and testing my levels were at 70, if I were one point lower, I be considered low blood sugar, not high. So anyhow, Ryan tested too last night, hey I have to do it why not him. Well actually maybe he should be the one getting tested, his results were 30 points higher then mine, 2 more points and he would have been considered in the high end. So I know that GD test they did on me last week, was inaccurate based on my testing with what I eat and not some drink they make you take. I never have been very trusting of tests, because some of them are not done fairly. Definitely time for the medical world to come up with a new test for GD!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frustration and Worry

Sometimes I ask myself why couldn’t I be one of those lucky girls that loves being pregnant and feels wonderful during pregnancy? But then I really shouldn’t complain, because there was a time when I thought I would never get pregnant, so I should feel lucky and count my blessings. But sometimes that is hard to do when you are dealing with doctors and appointments one after another. I am in the midst of researching about gestational diabetes, since I failed my 1 hour glucose screening and my OB won’t do another because I was one point over 200, which is her cut-off for doing a 2nd test. What she told me made some sense, but yet the research I found out about how misleading and inaccurate these tests can be, causes me confusion. I don’t fit the criteria, I am healthy, exercise, and not overweight by any means, actually I was a little low before I got pregnant. I recently on my own with a friend of mine did a test with a glucose meter and well that test came back normal, actually 100 points different. So there more confusion on top it, to me that tells me what I normally eat and how I live my life, that I may not have GD. Plus the research and info I have been finding in books and on the internet makes me wonder too, am I really GD like my OB says? I am finding that 85% of the women that test positive for GD with the first test, test negative in the 2nd test. Some physicians say using the glucose test is not a natural way to test for GD, instead should do a fasting & consumption test, which is where you eat what you normally eat. Also I was told that in the lab sometimes machines can be off and there can be mistakes. I am in no means disagreeing with my OB , but rather disagreeing with the test. I love my OB , she is very wonderful and great at her job.

Anyhow since all this has happened I have changed my eating a little, really gone super healthy. Most people that know me already know how healthy of an eater I am. So what does this mean for me, actually no sweets/desserts, and increase in protein. Everything else I eat is healthy, fiber, wheat, veggies & salads. So let’s see where this leads me, I will probably find it hard to gain weight. So if in fact I do have GD, that is fine, I will do whatever it takes to make sure baby and I are healthy. I really do not want to be induced, which is what happens in most cases of women with GD, they get induced around 39 weeks. I also do not want my baby or I to have to go through extra testing after birth, so again, whatever it takes to avoid all this, I will do it. If it means poking my finger and checking my sugar levels, so be it. Because in the end, Abigail should arrive in about 9 weeks and it is only a temporary situation.

Today I met with the specialist in diabetes management, which was arranged by my OB doc. She was wonderful she seemed very thorough, listened to my questions and concerns. She felt at this time I might have some sugar sensitivity, so I just need to be aware of that, but wasn't 100% sure that I have GD. So she took some blood from me and then based on that she will determine if she will send me for a 2nd test for GD. Then I may need to monitor my sugar levels at home. But agreed because there may be some sugar sensitivity to stay on a low sugar, higher protein diet. Ryan and I were very pleased with the visit. I felt much better, because this way I will know for sure if I have GD or not and there will be no wondering if the test was right or wrong, as it is true these tests can be inaccurate and misleading.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The Tranquil Birthing Class was wonderful, very yoga like, so I was able to relate well and it was wonderful having my husband experience it too. This class is offered to those wishing to have a natural childbirth, which is what my goal is, as long as there are no complications. We started out talking and having some some good discussions, then watched a video on the different stages of labor and birth, after that a little more discussion, then we did a 20 minute mediation and practiced a few massage techniques to help the mother in labor. Ryan and I both enjoyed it, he asked some good questions. I really didn't learn anything knew because a lot of this I already learned in my prenatal yoga training and from books I have been reading, but it was good to hear all the information again. Our teacher is very wonderful and calm person. She is an RN and therapist, she uses mediation and some yoga in her practice. Looking forward to our next session, hopefully Ryan will not be working.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthing Classes

Well tonight we start our 5 week series of Tranquil Birthing Classes, looks like Ryan will be home. I am excited for the classes and to see how Ryan does with it all. The other choice was Lamaze classes, but coming from a yoga background, I felt the Tranquil classes would be more beneficial for me.

This week is also follow up and retesting with my OB doc, hoping to get some answers to the many questions I have right now. Also I have an appointment with the specialist this week regarding the gestational diabetes, though I am still in denial about all that, as I keep thinking how could I have it? But I have changed my diet, back to eating healthy like I was before I was pregnant, no sweets and more protein. I keep thinking I confused my body when I got pregnant and started eating all those carbs, cookies, and ice cream, but at the time it was what made my stomach feel better. But maybe it has nothing to do with how I eat and my body is just reacting to the increase in hormones and everything else your body goes through during pregnancy. Pregnancy sure is not as easy as I thought it would be, sure does make me feel very grateful to all those women out there that chose to become pregnant and have children. I know I am that much more grateful to my mom for having me. It just makes me realize what a very precious miracle all this is. It's amazing and I am so looking forward to seeing and meeting my little miracle, should be less then 10 weeks!

We had a very nice 4th of July weekend! Ryan ended up not working very much so we were able to spend time together, which has been very nice, since before that I wasn't seeing him much. For the 4th we kept it low key and went out to a friends condo to enjoy watching people light fireworks at the beach with good friends. Saturday we were able to go to Rockport for the Art Festival and yesterday we played some mini golf.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The Children's Clinic, is very nice, so I would definitely recommend them. They have separate waiting area and patient rooms for sick kids, so you don't have to worry about taking your healthy baby there and exposing them to icky germs. The staff is very nice and I met one of the physicians, who is also a very sweet gentleman. Plus one of my friends works there, so that made it even that much more comfortable for me, she was a wonderful tour guide and answered the questions we had.

Last night was our hospital tour, very large group, there were 17 couples, 9 were having boys, 6 were have girls, and two are a surprise. The tour was wonderful, Ryan and I learned a lot, and Bunnie our tour guide was a hoot, she made it fun! Ryan really enjoyed her, we were both laughing and feeling at ease, though Ryan got a little light headed in the labor & delivery room when she was discussing the labor process, but Ryan wasn't the only guy, there was another. Good thing these guys didn't pass out, but that would have been hilarious. We did have a few pregnant women that looked about due, so I was feeling for them. I am glad I planned ahead and am doing my classes now instead of the last month of pregnancy.

Saturday I will be 30 weeks! We are definitely getting closer to Abigail's arrival!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It is July!!

Looking at the calendar today and it is July 1st, wow the summer is flying by, which is good because of the heat, already looking forward to Texas winter!

Ryan and I are going to go visit the Children's Clinic today for a previsit for Abigail. Tonight we have our tour of labor & delivery floor at the hospital. So today will be Q&A day.

Did receive news back from my doctor yesterday, still trying to absorb it all in, because I was in shock. It happens to be that I have gestational diabetes and am still anemic. Well I can understand the anemic part, because I don't eat meat or a lot of foods that have iron in them, because it is not food I enjoy and I have been bad about taking my iron pill because the pills make me sick, so I just need to take my pill everyday no matter how it makes me feel. As for the gestational diabetes, that still shocks me, because people that get that are usually overweight, overeat & eat unhealthy, and don't exercise, so that baffles me because I eat healthy 80% of the time, have never been overweight and am gaining just the right amount of weight during my pregnancy, not a pound more then I should, and I exercise everyday. So I guess I need to eat healthy 100% of the time and nothing with sugar. The doctor is sending me a list of what I can and can't eat. Then next week I have to go see a specialist as they may make me monitor my glucose, with one of the machines 6 times a day, now doesn't that sound like fun. So I guess no more ice cream for me until Abigail is born. My body is really reacting to the pregnancy, it has gone out of whack. My doctor said my blood test for the gallbladder came back a little high, but she is waiting to see the results of the ultrasound I had done my gallbladder yesterday. The good news is that I have a wonderful doctor and that after Abigail is born I will go back to being health, the anemia and diabetes will go away. So in the time being I am researching and talking with people that have dealt with diabetes in there pregnancy. So if you have dealt with any of this during pregnancy or have any good advice, I love to hear it.

Moving on, next week we start our 5-week Tranquil Birthing classes, hopefully Ryan will be able to make most of them. I think those classes are going to be very eye opening for Ryan, but also exciting. He is very excited for Abigail's arrival, as I am too!!

Here is an update: I just talked with a friend that gave me some helpful advice that she was given from her doc when she had the gestational diabetes. None of it is my fault, it is my body, not processing all the increase in hormones, blah, blah, etc...the doc will teach me how to off-set that and still be able to have my favorite foods, just a matter of combining the right carbs and proteins. I think that will all be manageable for me, but the blood testing will be a chore. So hopefully my body will accept my new way of eating and be able to stay in the appropriate levels, but sometimes that can't be managed with a change of diet, it is just how my body is reacting.