Friday, July 18, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

Sometimes I can be the worst person at making a decision. I sometimes over analyze situations, but it only because I am trying to make the best decision. But though I don’t think I am as bad as some people, won’t mention any names.

So Thursday was our follow up with the OB doc in regards to how seeing the specialist went. The appointment went well, Ryan was there to ask some very good questions, which is good because my brain isn’t functioning at a clear level right now, which is normal in pregnancy, so at least I have a reason. So now the doc is leaving it up to me if I want to get the 3 hour GD test? As long as I stay in the normal ranges, which I felt would not be a problem, I could have a normal pregnancy with no induction, of course that is also based on other things too, you never know there could be other complications that come up, but I feel I will have a safe and healthy pregnancy. The doc feels that I will probably fail the GD test, not because I am diabetic, but just because during pregnancy my body is not functioning normal. So I am trying to decide do I waste 3 hours hoping to pass the GD test or just leave it as is and just do some monitoring here and there? I think I will just pass up taking the 3 hour test, why do something that is going to waste 3 hours of my day and plus no guarantees this test is any better. I do believe though there should be new and updated testing for GD. Maybe someday there will be.

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  1. I would probably not take the test too. Why go through that if they aren't even sure that it will be accurate?

    Le was always the one asking questions. Even when I wrote stuff down on paper, I would forget about the note :)


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