Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frustration and Worry

Sometimes I ask myself why couldn’t I be one of those lucky girls that loves being pregnant and feels wonderful during pregnancy? But then I really shouldn’t complain, because there was a time when I thought I would never get pregnant, so I should feel lucky and count my blessings. But sometimes that is hard to do when you are dealing with doctors and appointments one after another. I am in the midst of researching about gestational diabetes, since I failed my 1 hour glucose screening and my OB won’t do another because I was one point over 200, which is her cut-off for doing a 2nd test. What she told me made some sense, but yet the research I found out about how misleading and inaccurate these tests can be, causes me confusion. I don’t fit the criteria, I am healthy, exercise, and not overweight by any means, actually I was a little low before I got pregnant. I recently on my own with a friend of mine did a test with a glucose meter and well that test came back normal, actually 100 points different. So there more confusion on top it, to me that tells me what I normally eat and how I live my life, that I may not have GD. Plus the research and info I have been finding in books and on the internet makes me wonder too, am I really GD like my OB says? I am finding that 85% of the women that test positive for GD with the first test, test negative in the 2nd test. Some physicians say using the glucose test is not a natural way to test for GD, instead should do a fasting & consumption test, which is where you eat what you normally eat. Also I was told that in the lab sometimes machines can be off and there can be mistakes. I am in no means disagreeing with my OB , but rather disagreeing with the test. I love my OB , she is very wonderful and great at her job.

Anyhow since all this has happened I have changed my eating a little, really gone super healthy. Most people that know me already know how healthy of an eater I am. So what does this mean for me, actually no sweets/desserts, and increase in protein. Everything else I eat is healthy, fiber, wheat, veggies & salads. So let’s see where this leads me, I will probably find it hard to gain weight. So if in fact I do have GD, that is fine, I will do whatever it takes to make sure baby and I are healthy. I really do not want to be induced, which is what happens in most cases of women with GD, they get induced around 39 weeks. I also do not want my baby or I to have to go through extra testing after birth, so again, whatever it takes to avoid all this, I will do it. If it means poking my finger and checking my sugar levels, so be it. Because in the end, Abigail should arrive in about 9 weeks and it is only a temporary situation.

Today I met with the specialist in diabetes management, which was arranged by my OB doc. She was wonderful she seemed very thorough, listened to my questions and concerns. She felt at this time I might have some sugar sensitivity, so I just need to be aware of that, but wasn't 100% sure that I have GD. So she took some blood from me and then based on that she will determine if she will send me for a 2nd test for GD. Then I may need to monitor my sugar levels at home. But agreed because there may be some sugar sensitivity to stay on a low sugar, higher protein diet. Ryan and I were very pleased with the visit. I felt much better, because this way I will know for sure if I have GD or not and there will be no wondering if the test was right or wrong, as it is true these tests can be inaccurate and misleading.

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