Saturday, July 12, 2008


For the first time in a long time I am feeling wonderful! I actually slept really well last night! I think some of the stress with all this GD talk has lifted some after seeing the specialist. She did send me home with a glucose monitor just in case the test results don't come back good. So anyhow, thought while I am off work for a few days why not play around with this and see what my levels are. Well my levels are normal, actually this morning after getting up and testing my levels were at 70, if I were one point lower, I be considered low blood sugar, not high. So anyhow, Ryan tested too last night, hey I have to do it why not him. Well actually maybe he should be the one getting tested, his results were 30 points higher then mine, 2 more points and he would have been considered in the high end. So I know that GD test they did on me last week, was inaccurate based on my testing with what I eat and not some drink they make you take. I never have been very trusting of tests, because some of them are not done fairly. Definitely time for the medical world to come up with a new test for GD!

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