Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OB appointment 37 weeks

Today Ryan and I were able to see our little Abigail again. The technician said she had a butterfly, definitely a girl!! They did a biophysical profile today, and she scored 8 out of 8, perfect score! Doc is very impressed! There guess on weight today was 5lb 13oz, but as I have heard from many moms this number usually is never right. So will see when she gets her, but it sounds like she is going to be little like her mom too. At the exam today, there was no change in my cervix, but the doc said the baby's head feels like it has dropped more, she is definitely low. Probably all those yoga squats I do. Funny thing is she didn't want to cooperate for the ultrasound tech, the tech was wanting her to move, but she said she is just not going to budge her head. The last time we had an ultrasound, she was moving too much. So we have a stubborn one on our hands already. :) We got to see her sucking and she also has hair. I would post the ultrasound pics but for the untrained eye you wouldn't know what you are looking at. Our next appointment will be Tuesday, so will see if I have progressed any farther, or maybe she will have already arrived by then.

Little Miss Piggy

Our wonderful friends got Ryan a very cute soon to be father's gift, as they know just how much Ryan really likes girly stuff. As he is smiling here in the picture he is thinking, what! He did ask right away can I take that tutu off? HAHA!! Thanks Tiff & Jed, and little Harper, Abigail is going to love her piggy bank!

Here I am 37 1/2 weeks

So finally got my hair done, been 9 months, but well worth the wait. Abigail is ready to arrive any day now, so just waiting patiently, or trying too. But we are ready! Today is OB checkup again, so will see if I have progressed any farther then last week. Today we also have an ultrasound, looking forward to seeing Abigail and how she has growing in my belly.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Almost time...

Ryan and I attended our last baby class last night, so we have graduated and should be excellent parents!! :) Last night class was Newborn Care, all about changing diapers, playing with baby, bath-time, cleaning buggers out, care of umbilical cord, circumcision care (though that doesn't apply to us), car seat safety and postpartum depression. It was a fun and very informative class, considering neither Ryan or I have any baby experience. Sure I played with cabbage patch dolls, but I don't think that is going to apply here. At least we were not the only one's without experience, the majority of the class had no experience.

Today we had our weekly OB appointment. Excellent news to report, baby and are both doing fantastic. In fact, I am about effaced, baby is dropped down and ready to go head first, and I am dilated at a 1, so it won't be too much longer now! The doctor was very pleased, she told me to keep doing what I am doing! Which is staying active at the gym and yoga, yoga, yoga!!! So knowing that, we put the car seat in the jeep and I called to make a hair appointment. I am tired of having 4 inch roots and am in need of a little pampering before baby comes, so we all look beautiful in the many pictures that will be taken.

Over the weekend I sterilized all the bottles and breast-pump, also Ryan and I sat down and figured out how to use it, Ryan even tested it out, haha-I know I should have taken a picture! I packed our hospital bags and made our final list of things we need to take with us to the hospital. So we are about as ready as we can be, now just waiting for Abigail to tell us when she is ready.

Next week at our OB appointment I will be 37 weeks, so we will have an ultrasound done at that time to take final measurements and see how Abigail is doing in my tummy. We are both looking forward to seeing her!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dream come true...

Sunday, August 17th will mark a special day for Ryan and I. It was our first date! I remember it well, we attended the Owatonna Fair and ate at Applebee's five years ago. I do remember I wasn't anticipating too much out of the date, since I had been on some crummy dates lately and well as some of you know Ryan and I met via Internet, so it was both our first time going on a date by meeting someone on the Internet. So yes we are one of those stories. When we tell people how we met, they really find it hard to believe. I believe we were both tired of dating and seeing the same people out and about, and we are both from small towns, at least that is why I gave the Internet dating a try, I never expected a relationship to bloom from it, but it sure did and look at where we are now. We are happily married, have a nice home, with two lovin' crazy dogs and getting ready for our daughter to be born. I just look back and think wow, how amazing it has all been! I am a very lucky girl and couldn't be more happier then I am right now. I feel truly blessed and so grateful for everything in my life right now. Ryan is an amazing guy, smart, sarcastically funny, talented, strong, and of course a good lookin' dude! I couldn't imagine being with anyone else, my life feels really complete and will especially be complete after the birth of our daughter, what more could a girl ask for!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OB appointment update

Had another good appointment today. Every week now I have a non-stress test done, the test came out perfect, Abigail is going wonderful. While I was being monitored, I had 3 contractions, so the doc said she needed to check me to see if I was dilating yet, hoping not be, because she said I would have to be put on bed rest if I was. Oh that would have killed me. But good news, I am not dilating yet, but am 50% effaced, so all is well and I can continue to workout and do yoga!! Whoohoo, right now that is my only salvation! Doc doesn't want Abigail to come any sooner then 38 weeks, which is just 2 1/2 weeks away right now. Doc also said that according to my uterus measurements Abigail is growing like she should be and is head down, so good girl! But she did say, that I needed to be eating more calories, mainly protein, because my sugar levels are too low. Before they were too high, now too low. But no worries there, because she said we are both doing great! So yes, another reassuring appointment. I believe next week she is going to do an ultrasound. I am looking forward to seeing Abigail again, seems like forever. But Abigail doesn't let me forget she is in my tummy, she has taken over-barley have any room to put the food I eat and she reminds me with her kicks and hiccups.

The new moon is the 30th and the full moon is September 15th! There are some wise tales out there that say a lot of people go into labor on full moon's.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh my...

Well we are coming down to the last few weeks, Abigail should be arriving within the next 4-5 weeks, that is if she wants to be on time like her mommy, or is she going to be late? I wonder after I have Abigail if I will still be on time and organized? Still lots to do to get ready for her arrival, pack our bags, sterilize equipment, clean & organize the house, prepare the dogs, and figure out how to use the car seat and breast pump. In the time being I am trying to relax, enjoy some time with Ryan and myself -as this may be the last few weeks that I will have time to myself, and also enjoy some time with friends.

Been a busy, good week! Ryan and I attended the breastfeeding class Wednesday night. The class was fun and very informative. The teacher was a hoot! We both got a lot out of it. I am so much more a visual learner, then a book learner. These classes are also a great place to meet other new mommies to be.

My body is getting more uncomfortable, but I am still doing yoga and walking which sure does help make a body feel good afterwards! Today I enjoyed a lovely and much needed massage!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OB appointment update

Today was OB appointment, Ryan was home from work so able to attend. I like it when he goes the time goes by a lot faster. Today the doc had me do a stress test, which looks at the baby's heart beat and movement, and also if I am having any contractions. Well that test came out perfect, the doc was very happy and I actually lost 2 pounds, I was a little concerned, but she said that the baby is doing well and that my uterus is measuring just as it should. She said that sometimes happen, but we are both very healthy. Also Ms. Abigail is in the head down position, perfect, she is ready to enter the world! So yesterdays visit was all very reassuring! So now I start going every week now, next week is Strep B test and in two weeks I have an ultrasound. I am looking forward to seeing her again, seems like it has been forever!

Even though I am now done working, I am still keeping busy with yoga. I teach two classes a week at the Yoga Studio and we are planning a Wellness Retreat. Today I received good news, I have another teaching position at the Athletic Club we go too. So will probably teach that a couple times, then Abigail will be here, but they said they will be able to cover my class while I am out for recovering and bonding with Abigail. Now just need to find some good sitters to help watch Abigail when Ryan isn't home.

Today we finally set up the cradle in our bedroom. So here are some pictures of the cradle. Ryan's dad built it for us. As you will see, I think Molly thinks this is her new bed. Will see what she does tonight when we go to bed. Junior he doesn't care, he just hates the camera as much as I do.

Well I am off to watch Ryan play softball!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not much longer now....

Howdy all my friends & family!! Well yesterday was a day to celebrate, August 1st was my first official day of no more credentialing/working. Though I am still teaching yoga at the Yoga Studio and doing any subbing for needed at CCAC & Spohn. Teaching yoga to me isn't really a job, as it is something I enjoy, I am hoping to teach up to the point of Abigail's arrival. But I guess we will just have to take it day by day to see how I feel. So I bid farewell to CCMC where I worked for the last 2 years. Soon I will have a new job-mommyhood!!

Right now I am working on making my final shopping list for the things I need to get before Abigail arrives. The list is getting a bit long, just all those last minute items and things to get you by that first week of being home with Abigail, as I am sure none of us in this household will be making much of an attempt to get out. Ryan is out in the garage building me a nice cedar kitchen garbage can, getting rid of the old yucky plastic one. In addition to shopping, I need to start cleaning and organizing each room by room in our house. Getting rid of things we don't need so that we have less to deal with, try living a little more simpler.

Next week I have OB follow up appointment, these will start weekly now. Also attending a breastfeeding class. So I still have lots to keep me busy!

If any of you would love to offer me some advice on what to expect in the first week of after birth and being with our new little one, I sure am open to any advice or even if there is anything you think I should add to my shopping list.

Lots of love & peace to ya'll!!!