Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Almost time...

Ryan and I attended our last baby class last night, so we have graduated and should be excellent parents!! :) Last night class was Newborn Care, all about changing diapers, playing with baby, bath-time, cleaning buggers out, care of umbilical cord, circumcision care (though that doesn't apply to us), car seat safety and postpartum depression. It was a fun and very informative class, considering neither Ryan or I have any baby experience. Sure I played with cabbage patch dolls, but I don't think that is going to apply here. At least we were not the only one's without experience, the majority of the class had no experience.

Today we had our weekly OB appointment. Excellent news to report, baby and are both doing fantastic. In fact, I am about effaced, baby is dropped down and ready to go head first, and I am dilated at a 1, so it won't be too much longer now! The doctor was very pleased, she told me to keep doing what I am doing! Which is staying active at the gym and yoga, yoga, yoga!!! So knowing that, we put the car seat in the jeep and I called to make a hair appointment. I am tired of having 4 inch roots and am in need of a little pampering before baby comes, so we all look beautiful in the many pictures that will be taken.

Over the weekend I sterilized all the bottles and breast-pump, also Ryan and I sat down and figured out how to use it, Ryan even tested it out, haha-I know I should have taken a picture! I packed our hospital bags and made our final list of things we need to take with us to the hospital. So we are about as ready as we can be, now just waiting for Abigail to tell us when she is ready.

Next week at our OB appointment I will be 37 weeks, so we will have an ultrasound done at that time to take final measurements and see how Abigail is doing in my tummy. We are both looking forward to seeing her!!

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  1. You two are hilarious! Subtract the part where you had to expose your boob, I would have paid to see you guys trying to figure out the pump. Never worked for me, so hopefully it does for you. How exciting that it could be almost any day now!


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