Friday, August 15, 2008

Dream come true...

Sunday, August 17th will mark a special day for Ryan and I. It was our first date! I remember it well, we attended the Owatonna Fair and ate at Applebee's five years ago. I do remember I wasn't anticipating too much out of the date, since I had been on some crummy dates lately and well as some of you know Ryan and I met via Internet, so it was both our first time going on a date by meeting someone on the Internet. So yes we are one of those stories. When we tell people how we met, they really find it hard to believe. I believe we were both tired of dating and seeing the same people out and about, and we are both from small towns, at least that is why I gave the Internet dating a try, I never expected a relationship to bloom from it, but it sure did and look at where we are now. We are happily married, have a nice home, with two lovin' crazy dogs and getting ready for our daughter to be born. I just look back and think wow, how amazing it has all been! I am a very lucky girl and couldn't be more happier then I am right now. I feel truly blessed and so grateful for everything in my life right now. Ryan is an amazing guy, smart, sarcastically funny, talented, strong, and of course a good lookin' dude! I couldn't imagine being with anyone else, my life feels really complete and will especially be complete after the birth of our daughter, what more could a girl ask for!!


  1. I to dated some people that I met over the internet, although, those were the bad ones :)

  2. A big thank you to Ryan for being such a wonderful husband and soon to be father for making my daughter feel so happy and blessed. Look forward to seeing you both soon! Love, Mom Wobschall


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