Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not much longer now....

Howdy all my friends & family!! Well yesterday was a day to celebrate, August 1st was my first official day of no more credentialing/working. Though I am still teaching yoga at the Yoga Studio and doing any subbing for needed at CCAC & Spohn. Teaching yoga to me isn't really a job, as it is something I enjoy, I am hoping to teach up to the point of Abigail's arrival. But I guess we will just have to take it day by day to see how I feel. So I bid farewell to CCMC where I worked for the last 2 years. Soon I will have a new job-mommyhood!!

Right now I am working on making my final shopping list for the things I need to get before Abigail arrives. The list is getting a bit long, just all those last minute items and things to get you by that first week of being home with Abigail, as I am sure none of us in this household will be making much of an attempt to get out. Ryan is out in the garage building me a nice cedar kitchen garbage can, getting rid of the old yucky plastic one. In addition to shopping, I need to start cleaning and organizing each room by room in our house. Getting rid of things we don't need so that we have less to deal with, try living a little more simpler.

Next week I have OB follow up appointment, these will start weekly now. Also attending a breastfeeding class. So I still have lots to keep me busy!

If any of you would love to offer me some advice on what to expect in the first week of after birth and being with our new little one, I sure am open to any advice or even if there is anything you think I should add to my shopping list.

Lots of love & peace to ya'll!!!

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