Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OB appointment 37 weeks

Today Ryan and I were able to see our little Abigail again. The technician said she had a butterfly, definitely a girl!! They did a biophysical profile today, and she scored 8 out of 8, perfect score! Doc is very impressed! There guess on weight today was 5lb 13oz, but as I have heard from many moms this number usually is never right. So will see when she gets her, but it sounds like she is going to be little like her mom too. At the exam today, there was no change in my cervix, but the doc said the baby's head feels like it has dropped more, she is definitely low. Probably all those yoga squats I do. Funny thing is she didn't want to cooperate for the ultrasound tech, the tech was wanting her to move, but she said she is just not going to budge her head. The last time we had an ultrasound, she was moving too much. So we have a stubborn one on our hands already. :) We got to see her sucking and she also has hair. I would post the ultrasound pics but for the untrained eye you wouldn't know what you are looking at. Our next appointment will be Tuesday, so will see if I have progressed any farther, or maybe she will have already arrived by then.


  1. Jennie,

    Sending lots of positive thoughts and great wishes your way. Can't wait for her arrival.



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