Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OB appointment update

Today was OB appointment, Ryan was home from work so able to attend. I like it when he goes the time goes by a lot faster. Today the doc had me do a stress test, which looks at the baby's heart beat and movement, and also if I am having any contractions. Well that test came out perfect, the doc was very happy and I actually lost 2 pounds, I was a little concerned, but she said that the baby is doing well and that my uterus is measuring just as it should. She said that sometimes happen, but we are both very healthy. Also Ms. Abigail is in the head down position, perfect, she is ready to enter the world! So yesterdays visit was all very reassuring! So now I start going every week now, next week is Strep B test and in two weeks I have an ultrasound. I am looking forward to seeing her again, seems like it has been forever!

Even though I am now done working, I am still keeping busy with yoga. I teach two classes a week at the Yoga Studio and we are planning a Wellness Retreat. Today I received good news, I have another teaching position at the Athletic Club we go too. So will probably teach that a couple times, then Abigail will be here, but they said they will be able to cover my class while I am out for recovering and bonding with Abigail. Now just need to find some good sitters to help watch Abigail when Ryan isn't home.

Today we finally set up the cradle in our bedroom. So here are some pictures of the cradle. Ryan's dad built it for us. As you will see, I think Molly thinks this is her new bed. Will see what she does tonight when we go to bed. Junior he doesn't care, he just hates the camera as much as I do.

Well I am off to watch Ryan play softball!


  1. You are getting so close! I wish I could be there for you! Make sure you or Ryan call or text us please! :) The cradle looks great!! I bet you are ready for Abigail to be there. Feel free to ask me any questions about what to expect. I know everyone is different though!! Good luck!!!

  2. Yay 34 weeks!!!! The cradle is beautiful. So is your doggy! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to meet Abigail!!!!



  3. That is the bedding we almost got for Zia, how funny! I am so excited for you both :)

  4. Loved the picture of Molly with her head in the cradle. Makes you wonder what they are thinking about all the changes. Can't wait until I see all of you in September! Love, Mom a/k/a Grandma Wobschall


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