Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OB appointment update

Had another good appointment today. Every week now I have a non-stress test done, the test came out perfect, Abigail is going wonderful. While I was being monitored, I had 3 contractions, so the doc said she needed to check me to see if I was dilating yet, hoping not be, because she said I would have to be put on bed rest if I was. Oh that would have killed me. But good news, I am not dilating yet, but am 50% effaced, so all is well and I can continue to workout and do yoga!! Whoohoo, right now that is my only salvation! Doc doesn't want Abigail to come any sooner then 38 weeks, which is just 2 1/2 weeks away right now. Doc also said that according to my uterus measurements Abigail is growing like she should be and is head down, so good girl! But she did say, that I needed to be eating more calories, mainly protein, because my sugar levels are too low. Before they were too high, now too low. But no worries there, because she said we are both doing great! So yes, another reassuring appointment. I believe next week she is going to do an ultrasound. I am looking forward to seeing Abigail again, seems like forever. But Abigail doesn't let me forget she is in my tummy, she has taken over-barley have any room to put the food I eat and she reminds me with her kicks and hiccups.

The new moon is the 30th and the full moon is September 15th! There are some wise tales out there that say a lot of people go into labor on full moon's.

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