Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a few photos from my parents visit with there first grandchild.

Here is my dad feeding his granddaughter. Molly sneaked in the photo too. Also notice how much in love my parents are with Abigail.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Abigail 3 weeks old...

Today Abigail is three weeks old, wow how time flies. My parents left after breakfast this morning back to Minnesota, wish they could stay or really wish we could go with them. Especially this time of year in Minnesota (the fall weather is nice & crisp and the leaves changing colors is a beautiful sight). I already miss having my parents around! I must thank my mom and dad for the gifts they gave us and the gifts they brought us from our family and friends in Minnesota. Also thanks mom for all the yummy meals you made and dad too for helping mom with cooking. It was also nice to get out of the house to go out to eat and do some shopping too! Having an extra set of hands with Abigail was a big help too. Ryan and I were able to get to the gym to work out and not have to bring Abigail with.

Ryan has a few days left off from work, so we are going to enjoy the last few days before Ryan goes back on call. He is going to get in a golf game and I am going to get in some yoga classes. I have a couple weeks left before I start teaching again. I will be teaching three classes a week. I start back on Monday October 20th teaching Prenatal/Gentle Yoga at 1:30 at the Yoga Studio and I will also start teaching a Postnatal/Momma & Baby Yoga class at 1:30 on Tuesdays. I also teach one class at week at the CC Athletic Club on Wednesday evenings. I am looking forward to teaching and seeing my students & yoga friends! It will also be fun teaching a class with Abigail, though at the same time it could be challenging, we will see how Abigail reacts to it. Abigail is a very good baby, so hopefully she will like going to class with me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grandparents visit....

My parents arrived Sunday just in time for supper and are here for a couple more days! They brought us down lots of gifts from family and friends for Abigail, which are so very much appreciative! You should see this girls closet, she has more clothes then me! We have enjoyed hanging out, shopping, some yummy meals compliment of my mom, and also going out for a couple meals too. Abigail is just the best baby and loves her grandparents! We have some pictures to post, but will have to wait till we have some time to upload those, so be watching for those. My dad and Ryan have been trying to go golfing the last couple days, but rain keeps interfering, so hopefully tomorrow they will get to go. Mom and I were out hitting the antique stores yesterday, but no such luck on any good finds, but still fun to go look! Tonight we are headed out for seafood!

This month is big birthday month celebration! My mom and friend Jennifer (and her husband also is also a September birthday) share the same birthday on the 27th, then it is Ryan's mom's birthday on the 28th, and my someday to be sis in law Amber on the 29th! My friend Tiff has her 30th birthday on the 21st! So as you can see big birthday month and of course our little Abigail has her birthday in September too! So we are going to go broke every September celebrating birthdays, but it will be a fun month celebrating!! So for everyone that has a birthday in September, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 week old check up

Friday was Abigail's 2 week old check up, we are happy to report our little girl has gained some weight since starting formula, she is now 7lbs. She should be fitting into some more of her cute clothes soon! Now we don't have to go back to the pediatrician office for 2 months, whoohoo! So we are much relieved to know that she is doing very well! Abigail continues to sleep very well at night, still have to wake her up to feed her. She loves to play, go for car rides, stroller rides, and likes to look at herself in the mirror.

Yesterday while daddy stayed home with Abigail, I went to a restorative yoga class, it was so nice to see my yoga buddies and also do some yoga and just breath. It was very relaxing and refreshing.
Tomorrow Grandpa & Grandma Wobschall arrive all the way from Minnesota. I can't wait to see them and to meet the little girl that has stolen our hearts.

Friday, September 19, 2008

2 weeks old

Today Abigail is 2 weeks old and it is her 2 week check up. Time is going by so fast. In a couple days she will meet her Grandpa & Grandma from Minnesota!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Things are 100% better in our household and Abigail is a very happy baby now! After visiting the pediatricians office on Tuesday, we started bottle feeding. Abigail had lost another 3oz and no wet diapers was a concern. They said we could supplement with formula while breastfeeding or just do formula. We started feeding her my frozen breast milk that I had stored up by bottle and she would chow down 3 oz and then would not want to eat for another 3-4 hours later and in between feedings she would nap or just want to play. We took a nice walk last night in the stroller too. She also continues to sleep through the night, though I wake her to feed her a bottle after 4 hours. But she goes right to sleep; you don't have to rock her to sleep. So after seeing how she reacts to the new feeding it is apparent she wasn't getting enough from me to fill her tummy and that was why she was constantly hungry, not napping, wanting my breast every 30 minutes and was fussy. Sure I could pump, but it would take me forever to get enough milk for her, as I was only able to get 1/2-1oz pumping every 20 minutes. We were a little bit nervous about trying the formula as there are so many different kinds and it is finding just the right one that will agree with her, I hope the first one we try will work. Ryan is also enjoying being able to feed her and I am able to enjoy just holding her.

We tried so hard to breastfeed, I sought the help and support of friends and a breast lactation consultant. Going to formula was a hard decision, but obviously the right one for us, I love seeing Abigail happy. Having a happy baby is more important to us then having a breast fed baby. So far after having formula for a day now, she is still a happy baby. Right now we are using Nestle Good Start Natural Cultures and that seems to be agreeing with her. It was recommended by our pediatrician.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Abigail 11 days old...

Wow I can't believe that our sweet Abigail Rose is 11 days old already, a lot has changed already and it is going by so fast. She has proven to be one strong smart little cookie, she can hold her head up, roll over with a little assistance, scoots herself across her changing table-so now we have to be sure to keep one hand & eye on her at all times. She makes the cutest little faces and she does these cute little stretches, I call them yoga stretches. Yesterday we tried out the stroller, didn't make it very far, so back in the car we went, she loves car rides though! She is an excellent sleeper at night, though during the day she is a little "busybuddy" she likes to be up all day and doesn't nap.

Today we are off to see her pediatrician as we are having a few breastfeeding issues. I also need to see my OB today for a breast infection. Breastfeeding has proven to be one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Today we will hopefully get some answers to a few of our concerns. I have talked with a breastfeeding consultant and other new mommies too for support. The classes I took and books I read about breastfeeding never said how challenging it is or about possible issues that you can have. All talks about how easy, convenient, and healthy it is. Well as of yet and along with a lot of other mommies we haven't found it so. I wish they would teach a little more on the possible challenges and issues that can come up, so you can be more prepared. I do have a couple friends though that have had wonderful experience breastfeeding, so not everyone is the same, just like no one has the same labor experience either. So today will be a busy day for us and hopefully find some helpful information at the doc office.

At this moment I am feeling a bit worried for my husband, because he will have Abigail all by himself today while I go to the OB appointment and we all know how long doc appointments can take sometimes. Since Abigail, seems to need to be feed about every 1/2 hour (one of the reasons we are seeing the pediatrician), I worry that she is going to cause a fuss when she realizes that Daddy can't provide that to her. So today I am leaving him with a bottle of my stored milk just in case she needs it. This would be the first time we try a bottle. We tried the pacifier for the last two days and that has proven to be unsuccessful she realizes that there is no milk coming out and she spits it out. She sure is one smart cookie and no fooling her! :)

Look at how content she looks sitting in her baddha konasana yoga pose with Daddy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Some new photos of our sweet angel. Check out the very cute dress we received as a gift from a yoga student friend. This is the dress we will have her first pictures in. Won't she just be the cutest thing on earth!!

Abigail Rose 1 week old...

Our little miracle, has been a complete angel, but yesterday and the night before she wasn't so sweet. But I am happy and proud to report that Abigail was a complete angel last night, she let us have really great sleep, I got about 6 total hours of sleep and well Ryan he is still sleeping. I had to wake Abigail up for feedings. Now yesterday was a total different story, our sweet angel, could not be consoled-she was a little fuss bucket all day long, she only ended up sleeping about 2 total hours during the day. We were at the point of giving her a pacifier, but with what most people they say wait a couple weeks until you have good breastfeeding. Others say go for it! I would love to hear any of your suggestions/advice on what you have done or heard.

We do have more pictures but yesterday was spent most the day trying to keep our baby from getting upset. So maybe today we will get some more pics up.

Also Abigail had her first pediatrician appointment Wednesday, she is perfectly healthy and only lost 2 ounces from her birth weight. So I am thinking the breastfeeding is going good and she is getting enough milk. Breastfeeding sure is a challenge though. I always heard it was hard, but I didn't imagine that it would be so challenging. But she is feeding and is on good schedule with feeding, about every two hours during the day. She has had problems latching on, so we are using a nipple shield and that works, but I am hoping to get her to latch on without one. It was the breast consultants last resort after spending almost two hours in the hospital helping us when we where there. What is weird to me, the books I read and the class I went to never talked about these breast accessories that you sometimes have to use in order to get your baby to breastfeed. But now after talking with several friends, I am apparently am not the only one and right now know two other people using the shields. The books and class were helpful, but what I have found most helpful is the support of friends and the breast lactation consultant. So I am open to any suggestions/advice that helped you if you breastfed.

Today I am very thankful for the good sleep I got and also that the hurricane steered clear of us. I just couldn't imagine trying to evacuate with Abigail only being a week old. But I do feel sorry for those that are in the Houston area, and we do have many friends there. We are praying that you are all safe and that Ike will not cause a lot of damage.

Today we may take a family drive around the city, though most places are close because they thought the hurricane was coming here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More astrology from my SIL

Here is another little blurb on Abigail from a free astro site.

Abigail is not a child who will spend endless hours dreaming of what "might" be. She is more likely to set a goal and start working conscientiously toward it. Areas like learning to walk and discovering the limitations of the environment will probably be easier for Abigail

III. The Characters in the Story

This is one of the most comprehensive chapters of the "Child's Horoscope". This short version touches only on a few of the central characters in your child's personality. The complete report provides a detailed description on 7-9 pages.

The tension between the main characters in Abigail's inner story is the source of energy which provides the impetus for growth, movement and the formation of a healthy individuality.

Refinement, grace and delicacy of soul are qualities which belong to the core of Abigail's nature. From the earliest age she will be acutely sensitive to beauty and order ­ or their lack ­ in the environment. A tranquil world is almost as necessary to her as food and

[..] Necessary criticism should be offered in an objective, clear and civilized way. A thoughtless verbal attack ­ even if parents "didn't really mean it" because they were tired or irritable ­ will cause pointless and unnecessary hurt. Words matter to Abigail, and parents

Hidden traits

If she can learn to accommodate this earthier and more human aspect of herself, it will provide her with greater confidence and the ability to stand up for herself when facing conflict. She will also be able to display more honesty and authenticity in her interaction with

IV. Emotional Needs and Patterns in Relationships

This chapter contains valuable information on the child's basic needs and the relationship with her parents. The complete horoscope covers this chapter on 5-6 pages.

Every child has particular ways in which he or she experiences and seeks emotional contact with others, and this may not always accord with other, more dominant personality traits.

She too needs occasional breathing space to retreat into her inner world, although she is more likely to claim this space for herself than to allow it to loved ones. Her deeply intuitive emotional nature can discern the difference between a subtle but true feeling of rapport

This could contribute greatly to the girl's artistic sensibilities and her compassion for others as she grows up. There is considerable idealism in Abigail's love for her mother, and it may sometimes be hard for the daughter to see her mother as an ordinary person who can

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Continued...More Day 2 photos

Abigail Rose day 2

Today is getting a little easier with feeding and sleep schedule. But I am still in awe of everything, it is so amazing!! Here are some pics of our bundle of joy!!!

Abigail Rose has arrived...

Our beautiful Abigail Rose arrived September 5th, 6:44am 6lbs. 11oz, 19" long and most important in perfect health. She gave her mom a quick labor & delivery, even though it was quick still not easy, but I did it all natural. I feel it is the number one accomplishment in my life that I have ever done!! It is hard to describe in words how it feels to give birth, it is very powerful and amazing! I still can't believe I did it!!

So here is my birth story:
I went to bed at 9:30pm on Thursday 4th, woke up at 10:30pm with bad hip pain and light crampy back pain. I thought oh great another night of no sleep, but then I realized that I was contracting pretty regular, so I started to time them and they were about 10 minutes apart. Still not convinced I was in labor I called Stacy (my good friend in Austin, who is also my doula) and she said sure does sound like it, I am leaving now. She lives in Austin so she had about a 3 1/2 hour trip to make. Now it is about 11:30pm. Then I had to call Ryan, because he was away at a hotel for work. He didn't first believe me. After convincing him this is the real deal, he called work and they released him to be sent home, but he was still about 3 hours away. The contractions were coming quicker and I was having lots of back pain, at this time it is about 12:30am. I called my friend Tiffany to come over and sit with me until Ryan and Stacy got her, I didn't want to be alone at home. When she got to my house a little while later, my contractions were then about 4-5 minutes apart and very regular and I was feeling the pain. I was so worried that Ryan and Stacy were not going to make it in time before I had to go the hospital, it was getting to the point that I was going to ask Tiffany to take me, but I kept waiting it out, and using yoga breathing and poses to get through the contractions. Finally Ryan arrives about 3:30am, and I said we need to go now, but he was like no I think we should wait and make sure, I was like I am sure! So he went and got his stop watch and my contractions were 3 minutes apart, so he said yes we better go. Stacy was still in route at this time. So we left for the hospital, got checked in at 4:10am, Stacy arrived just as I was getting in the labor room. Nurse Mary (she was the best nurse, well actually all the nurses were very wonderful while we were there) checked me and I was 8cm dilated, I said thank God! So then I knew it shouldn't be too long and thought at this time I think I will be able to do this. I really got in a zone, I just kept a gaze or shutting my eyes and meditating, relax, relax, relax. I had one hand in Ryan's and one in Stacy's hand. Ryan was keeping a cold wet rag on my head and telling me to relax, and Stacy was doing the breathing and it helped me concentrate on my breathing, she also used some oils/herbs for relaxation and energy. I really didn't even notice the nurses or the doctor in the room. About an hour of being there it was time to push and I was so thankful! When I started the pushing process, I was in a zone, didn't even know what was going on around me. I just focused on my breathing and mediating internally. Ryan and Stacy did a wonderful job doing the counting. Too me it was like a game/a goal. So about an hour after pushing, Abigail arrived. I was very lucky and didn't tear or need an episiotomy. I know it was the yoga that got me through the labor and delivery and also my wonderful husband and friend Stacy. I did though break a blood vessel in vagina and am also sore and bruised, but that is to be expected. So like I said even though it was a fast labor & delivery, I wouldn't call it easy. But it is all well worth it to finally have our wonderful perfect daughter in the world. She is the most amazing thing on earth to me. I can't believe the feelings I have for her. I can see in Ryan's eyes too, that he feels the same way for Abigail too.

So now we are home, we were released Saturday afternoon. Since we have been home, I have finally been able to get a few hours of sleep, but no complaints at all. Ryan has been super dad and super husband!! He has so far changed all her diapers, burbs her and gets her to me for her feedings. Since right now it is a little hard for me to get around, but I should be back on my feet in know time at all.

Our first night home went very well, Molly is like mother hen watching Abigail. She has this look in her face that she wants to help. Junior hasn't adjusted yet, he is distant, but hopefully he will come around. Our first morning home, well up early, but when you have a new baby, you really don't operate on a normal schedule/time. We gave Abigail her first bath, Ryan has done two loads of laundry and already been to the grocery store in back. So now we have the day to enjoy our family time together.

Posted are a couple pictures taken right after she was born, we have tons of cute pictures of her, but right now being a new mommy, all my priorities, responsibilities, worries, and concerns have changed and all focus in on Abigail; Ryan and I's number one and most important person. As I have more time, I will get more pictures for you all to see and enjoy.

Also I want to say thank you to everyone that has helped us, been here for support, and giving us gifts. You area all very important and very dear to me!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Abigail's Chart

So I have found a few mintues to post some more info/news related to our bundle of joy and also going to post some pics too because I know that is what you really want to see. Much love!! Jennie, Ryan, and sweet Abigail xoxo

This is information I received from my sis in law, Rachel about Abigail's chart. It is very interesting so I thought I would post it.

Hey guys, here is some info from Abigail's chart. I kept telling Ryan I think she will have an Aires or fire moon. Looks like she choose the same moon sign as her daddy, Scorpio. She has the sun in the first house the same sign as the ascendant which will give her a very strong aires energy. Looks like she may still be the fire cracker I thought she would be. The nice thing with her chart is you shouldn't have to worry much about her making a mess. She will be very neat and organized and probabley won't like to get dirty. This all might not make much sense but here is some info from her chart.

Your sun sign is Virgo. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant, the rising sign, is also in Virgo, and your Moon is in Scorpio.

Virgo Rising

You may be somewhat shy and not very self-assertive toward others. In fact you are a soft- spoken, neat and orderly person who is quite likable. Your only real problem may come from the fact that you are a perfectionist, and you may demand that others live up to the same high standards that you set for yourself. You are quick to point out people's flaws to them, but you should learn to be a bit more tactful.

You are quite practical, and you do not like to waste time on impractical schemes. But in making objects of one sort or another, you have excellent taste, although very reserved, and you like everything to be both graceful and practical.

You believe in work, and you feel best when you are involved in some project. This attitude will intensify as you get older.

Sun in Virgo

You are very careful in everything you do, and you put a high value on neatness. You expect others to live up to those same high standards, and you are easily disappointed if they do not. When you see something wrong in someone or something, you don't hesitate to point it out. But you will have to learn to be considerate when you do this, because criticizing others creates bad feelings.

You are very interested in learning as much as possible about the world. In whatever you make or do, you apply the same standards of perfection that you want other people to live up to.

You like to help others because being useful makes you feel good. You are able to put off what you want for yourself in order to help someone you love do what he or she wants. Others will respect you for this.

Sun in the First House

You have a strong personality that immediately makes an impression on other people. You are very strong willed and energetic. The problem with this is that you may not let the people around you be themselves. Nevertheless, they have the right to assert themselves, and you should give them the chance.

Your high level of self-confidence can be very useful, as long as you know your limitations.

You are physically strong and should enjoy good health. If you can learn to accept your limitations and control your energy properly, you will be able to do a great deal.

Sun Conjunct Ascendant

You have a very strong personality, and when you enter a room, everyone knows it. You want to be the leader of the group, the person whom all the activity revolves around. While you can be very charming and winning, your attitudes can make people very angry. You should concentrate on getting to know yourself and your limitations as accurately as possible

You may have difficulty getting along with authority figures, because even while you are young you want to be your own boss.

Your best trait is your basic honesty; you respect real merit in others and are willing to develop it in yourself.

People see that you are really good-hearted, and they will not usually dislike you. And your striving for genuine success will eventually win their respect as well.

Moon in Scorpio

You have very intense feelings, which can be a strong force in your life. But you may find it hard to understand your feelings, because they are so complicated and deep. You want your whole life to be intense and very deep.

If you don't get a great deal of reassurance from the people who are close to you, you will feel lonely and misunderstood.

You are very fond of anything secret and mysterious, such as stories about the supernatural. Your need to learn about yourself will help you understand others as well.

Try not to get so wrapped up in your emotions, however. It would be better not to take them so seriously.

Moon in the Third House

Your feelings influence your decisions so much that it may be impossible to be objective, unless you make a great effort to be. Yet you have a good understanding of what is right for you and what isn't, and as you grow up you will learn the difference between judging something on emotional whim and judging by real intuition.

On the other hand, you are good at talking about your feelings.

Your habits have a very strong effect on how you think and act. Be careful of prejudices and beliefs that others have taught you.

Venus in Libra

You are a friendly, outgoing person who likes to have fun with others. You don't like to be alone, because you feel lonely very easily. Fortunately, people usually like you, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding company. In your efforts to get someone to like you, you should be yourself, not what you think the other person is looking for.

You like beautiful, graceful objects and fine clothing.

You may not enjoy doing hard work. But you will have to overcome this as you grow older, because everyone has to meet life's demands. You may try to get others to do your dirty work for you, but this would be a poor use of this energy. Instead, use your talent to make life beautiful for yourself and the people around you.

Venus in the Second House

You like to own beautiful things and be surrounded by comfort and luxury. As a result, money runs through your fingers, because when you see something you want, you buy it.

On the positive side, if you learn to have good taste and good sense, you will buy only things that are worth the price.

Try not to give in to every desire and whim.

Mars in Libra

This placement of Mars can have two quite different effects. Probably you prefer to work with another person, for you have a strong sense of cooperation. Your desire to have your own way is modified by your need to get along with others.

But on the other hand, some persons with this placement are very competitive. In that case, you think of every meeting with someone else as a chance to compete, either in a friendly or an unfriendly spirit.

You have a strong sense of fairness and hate to see anyone treated unjustly.

Mars in the Second House

When you see something you would like to own, you want it very much and you work very hard to get it. You feel you should be free to waste your resources or money if you want, or to be frugal and careful if you want. However, because of the compulsive nature of Mars, you are much more likely to be careless in this regard. Plan carefully for what you really need and then buy it only after much consideration.

Anyone who challenges your strong sense of property arouses your anger. It is not that you are selfish especially, but you want to make your gifts freely, of your own accord.

In the long run you will have to learn to be less possessive of what you own. Otherwise your possessions will bring you more pain than pleasure.

Astrological Data used for Short Report - Children and Young People
for Abigail (female)
born on 5 Sep 2008 local time 6:44 am
in Corpus Christi, TX (US) U.T. 11:44
97w24, 27n48 sid. time 04:14:13

Planetary positions
planet sign degree
Sun Virgo 13°16'54 in house 1 direct
Moon Scorpio 20°16'02 in house 3 direct
Mercury Libra 9°27'22 in house 2 direct
Venus Libra 7°12'20 in house 2 direct
Mars Libra 10°58'37 in house 2 direct
Jupiter Capricorn 12°32'42 in house 5 stationary (D)
Saturn Virgo 12°05'45 in house 1 direct
Uranus Pisces 20°58'38 in house 7 retrograde
Neptune Aquarius 22°17'28 in house 6 retrograde
Pluto Sagittarius 28°29'58 in house 4 stationary (D)
True Node Aquarius 18°16'13 in house 6 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Virgo 6°38'32
2nd House Libra 3°21'42
3rd House Scorpio 3°30'51
Imum Coeli Sagittarius 5°28'15
5th House Capricorn 7°16'15
6th House Aquarius 7°50'23
Descendant Pisces 6°38'32
8th House Aries 3°21'42
9th House Taurus 3°30'51
Medium Coeli Gemini 5°28'15
11th House Cancer 7°16'15
12th House Leo 7°50'23

Major aspects
Sun Sextile Moon 6°59
Sun Trine Jupiter 0°44
Sun Conjunction Saturn 1°11
Sun Opposition Uranus 7°42
Sun Conjunction Ascendant 6°38
Sun Square Medium Coeli 7°49
Moon Sextile Jupiter 7°43
Moon Trine Uranus 0°43
Moon Square Neptune 2°01
Mercury Conjunction Venus 2°15
Mercury Conjunction Mars 1°31
Mercury Square Jupiter 3°05
Mercury Trine Medium Coeli 3°59
Venus Conjunction Mars 3°46
Venus Square Jupiter 5°20
Venus Trine Medium Coeli 1°44
Mars Square Jupiter 1°34
Mars Trine Medium Coeli 5°30
Jupiter Trine Saturn 0°27
Jupiter Trine Ascendant 5°54
Saturn Conjunction Ascendant 5°27
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

38 week OB update

Today was my weekly OB appointment. I am now dilated at a 2 and so it could still be any day. She did give me the option to be induced Thursday, but I think I will give Abigail another week to make her entrance on her own, if she has not by then, the 12th will be the next date my doc can schedule me for induction. There are so many pros & cons with waiting or being induced. With induction you are sure of who your doctor will be and also that your support system will be there. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to wait another week and see if this little gal is going to come out in the world by herself or need some help. The doc says Abigail is still doing beautiful! Since I am having a smaller baby, we went out and got a few premium outfits, since the 0-3 months sizes will not fit her well until she is 7lbs. My doc also had a smaller baby, so today she offered to give me some of her premium outfits. Now that is one special doctor, so you can see why I so want her to be there when I go into labor.

I am still teaching yoga and doing yoga daily while also going to the gym daily to walk on the treadmill and use the elliptical machine. It is just way too hot to be walking outside.

This week we were also very lucky and once again spared by the hurricanes that keep coming this way. I keep watching the weather, because I don't want to be one of those people in the midst of labor being stuck someplace and there be no help. So I keep watching and praying. Maybe this little girl is our good luck charm!