Tuesday, September 2, 2008

38 week OB update

Today was my weekly OB appointment. I am now dilated at a 2 and so it could still be any day. She did give me the option to be induced Thursday, but I think I will give Abigail another week to make her entrance on her own, if she has not by then, the 12th will be the next date my doc can schedule me for induction. There are so many pros & cons with waiting or being induced. With induction you are sure of who your doctor will be and also that your support system will be there. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to wait another week and see if this little gal is going to come out in the world by herself or need some help. The doc says Abigail is still doing beautiful! Since I am having a smaller baby, we went out and got a few premium outfits, since the 0-3 months sizes will not fit her well until she is 7lbs. My doc also had a smaller baby, so today she offered to give me some of her premium outfits. Now that is one special doctor, so you can see why I so want her to be there when I go into labor.

I am still teaching yoga and doing yoga daily while also going to the gym daily to walk on the treadmill and use the elliptical machine. It is just way too hot to be walking outside.

This week we were also very lucky and once again spared by the hurricanes that keep coming this way. I keep watching the weather, because I don't want to be one of those people in the midst of labor being stuck someplace and there be no help. So I keep watching and praying. Maybe this little girl is our good luck charm!

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  1. Alright, well you are next! I had you, plus three others that had close to the same due dates and two of them are born so far. Lots of babies!


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