Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Abigail 11 days old...

Wow I can't believe that our sweet Abigail Rose is 11 days old already, a lot has changed already and it is going by so fast. She has proven to be one strong smart little cookie, she can hold her head up, roll over with a little assistance, scoots herself across her changing table-so now we have to be sure to keep one hand & eye on her at all times. She makes the cutest little faces and she does these cute little stretches, I call them yoga stretches. Yesterday we tried out the stroller, didn't make it very far, so back in the car we went, she loves car rides though! She is an excellent sleeper at night, though during the day she is a little "busybuddy" she likes to be up all day and doesn't nap.

Today we are off to see her pediatrician as we are having a few breastfeeding issues. I also need to see my OB today for a breast infection. Breastfeeding has proven to be one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Today we will hopefully get some answers to a few of our concerns. I have talked with a breastfeeding consultant and other new mommies too for support. The classes I took and books I read about breastfeeding never said how challenging it is or about possible issues that you can have. All talks about how easy, convenient, and healthy it is. Well as of yet and along with a lot of other mommies we haven't found it so. I wish they would teach a little more on the possible challenges and issues that can come up, so you can be more prepared. I do have a couple friends though that have had wonderful experience breastfeeding, so not everyone is the same, just like no one has the same labor experience either. So today will be a busy day for us and hopefully find some helpful information at the doc office.

At this moment I am feeling a bit worried for my husband, because he will have Abigail all by himself today while I go to the OB appointment and we all know how long doc appointments can take sometimes. Since Abigail, seems to need to be feed about every 1/2 hour (one of the reasons we are seeing the pediatrician), I worry that she is going to cause a fuss when she realizes that Daddy can't provide that to her. So today I am leaving him with a bottle of my stored milk just in case she needs it. This would be the first time we try a bottle. We tried the pacifier for the last two days and that has proven to be unsuccessful she realizes that there is no milk coming out and she spits it out. She sure is one smart cookie and no fooling her! :)

Look at how content she looks sitting in her baddha konasana yoga pose with Daddy.


  1. She is very cute and very content!

  2. Ahhh yes! The dreaded first time baby is left with Daddy! I am sure you all made it just fine. Sometimes that extra bottle of mama's milk can be a lifesaver if mama happens to need a nap. Feeding every half hour! Fix that, please. I hope all is well. What an adorable golden girl you have!


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