Friday, September 26, 2008

Abigail 3 weeks old...

Today Abigail is three weeks old, wow how time flies. My parents left after breakfast this morning back to Minnesota, wish they could stay or really wish we could go with them. Especially this time of year in Minnesota (the fall weather is nice & crisp and the leaves changing colors is a beautiful sight). I already miss having my parents around! I must thank my mom and dad for the gifts they gave us and the gifts they brought us from our family and friends in Minnesota. Also thanks mom for all the yummy meals you made and dad too for helping mom with cooking. It was also nice to get out of the house to go out to eat and do some shopping too! Having an extra set of hands with Abigail was a big help too. Ryan and I were able to get to the gym to work out and not have to bring Abigail with.

Ryan has a few days left off from work, so we are going to enjoy the last few days before Ryan goes back on call. He is going to get in a golf game and I am going to get in some yoga classes. I have a couple weeks left before I start teaching again. I will be teaching three classes a week. I start back on Monday October 20th teaching Prenatal/Gentle Yoga at 1:30 at the Yoga Studio and I will also start teaching a Postnatal/Momma & Baby Yoga class at 1:30 on Tuesdays. I also teach one class at week at the CC Athletic Club on Wednesday evenings. I am looking forward to teaching and seeing my students & yoga friends! It will also be fun teaching a class with Abigail, though at the same time it could be challenging, we will see how Abigail reacts to it. Abigail is a very good baby, so hopefully she will like going to class with me.

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