Friday, September 12, 2008

Abigail Rose 1 week old...

Our little miracle, has been a complete angel, but yesterday and the night before she wasn't so sweet. But I am happy and proud to report that Abigail was a complete angel last night, she let us have really great sleep, I got about 6 total hours of sleep and well Ryan he is still sleeping. I had to wake Abigail up for feedings. Now yesterday was a total different story, our sweet angel, could not be consoled-she was a little fuss bucket all day long, she only ended up sleeping about 2 total hours during the day. We were at the point of giving her a pacifier, but with what most people they say wait a couple weeks until you have good breastfeeding. Others say go for it! I would love to hear any of your suggestions/advice on what you have done or heard.

We do have more pictures but yesterday was spent most the day trying to keep our baby from getting upset. So maybe today we will get some more pics up.

Also Abigail had her first pediatrician appointment Wednesday, she is perfectly healthy and only lost 2 ounces from her birth weight. So I am thinking the breastfeeding is going good and she is getting enough milk. Breastfeeding sure is a challenge though. I always heard it was hard, but I didn't imagine that it would be so challenging. But she is feeding and is on good schedule with feeding, about every two hours during the day. She has had problems latching on, so we are using a nipple shield and that works, but I am hoping to get her to latch on without one. It was the breast consultants last resort after spending almost two hours in the hospital helping us when we where there. What is weird to me, the books I read and the class I went to never talked about these breast accessories that you sometimes have to use in order to get your baby to breastfeed. But now after talking with several friends, I am apparently am not the only one and right now know two other people using the shields. The books and class were helpful, but what I have found most helpful is the support of friends and the breast lactation consultant. So I am open to any suggestions/advice that helped you if you breastfed.

Today I am very thankful for the good sleep I got and also that the hurricane steered clear of us. I just couldn't imagine trying to evacuate with Abigail only being a week old. But I do feel sorry for those that are in the Houston area, and we do have many friends there. We are praying that you are all safe and that Ike will not cause a lot of damage.

Today we may take a family drive around the city, though most places are close because they thought the hurricane was coming here.

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  1. I tried the nipple shield and it didn't work out for us so I ended up bottle feeding which was a great way for the daddy to stay up sometimes during the night and let mommy sleep :) I have never heard anything about not giving a pacifier, but I didn't breast feed either so I wouldn't be the best adviser on that, but I do remember a friend of mine telling me that as her daughter got bigger she found that her body would take a while to catch up and be able to produce enough milk. So, that meant feeding time was more often because she was getting less than she needed at each feeding. Something she said no one ever told her about breast feeding. I think she ended up using one of those bags you hang around your neck that has your breast milk in it to help provide more milk.


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