Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Things are 100% better in our household and Abigail is a very happy baby now! After visiting the pediatricians office on Tuesday, we started bottle feeding. Abigail had lost another 3oz and no wet diapers was a concern. They said we could supplement with formula while breastfeeding or just do formula. We started feeding her my frozen breast milk that I had stored up by bottle and she would chow down 3 oz and then would not want to eat for another 3-4 hours later and in between feedings she would nap or just want to play. We took a nice walk last night in the stroller too. She also continues to sleep through the night, though I wake her to feed her a bottle after 4 hours. But she goes right to sleep; you don't have to rock her to sleep. So after seeing how she reacts to the new feeding it is apparent she wasn't getting enough from me to fill her tummy and that was why she was constantly hungry, not napping, wanting my breast every 30 minutes and was fussy. Sure I could pump, but it would take me forever to get enough milk for her, as I was only able to get 1/2-1oz pumping every 20 minutes. We were a little bit nervous about trying the formula as there are so many different kinds and it is finding just the right one that will agree with her, I hope the first one we try will work. Ryan is also enjoying being able to feed her and I am able to enjoy just holding her.

We tried so hard to breastfeed, I sought the help and support of friends and a breast lactation consultant. Going to formula was a hard decision, but obviously the right one for us, I love seeing Abigail happy. Having a happy baby is more important to us then having a breast fed baby. So far after having formula for a day now, she is still a happy baby. Right now we are using Nestle Good Start Natural Cultures and that seems to be agreeing with her. It was recommended by our pediatrician.

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  1. I am glad to hear things are much better. People love to make you feel guilty about formula, but it is just such a relief when baby is happy after traumatic breast feeding.


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