Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grandparents visit....

My parents arrived Sunday just in time for supper and are here for a couple more days! They brought us down lots of gifts from family and friends for Abigail, which are so very much appreciative! You should see this girls closet, she has more clothes then me! We have enjoyed hanging out, shopping, some yummy meals compliment of my mom, and also going out for a couple meals too. Abigail is just the best baby and loves her grandparents! We have some pictures to post, but will have to wait till we have some time to upload those, so be watching for those. My dad and Ryan have been trying to go golfing the last couple days, but rain keeps interfering, so hopefully tomorrow they will get to go. Mom and I were out hitting the antique stores yesterday, but no such luck on any good finds, but still fun to go look! Tonight we are headed out for seafood!

This month is big birthday month celebration! My mom and friend Jennifer (and her husband also is also a September birthday) share the same birthday on the 27th, then it is Ryan's mom's birthday on the 28th, and my someday to be sis in law Amber on the 29th! My friend Tiff has her 30th birthday on the 21st! So as you can see big birthday month and of course our little Abigail has her birthday in September too! So we are going to go broke every September celebrating birthdays, but it will be a fun month celebrating!! So for everyone that has a birthday in September, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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