Thursday, September 11, 2008

More astrology from my SIL

Here is another little blurb on Abigail from a free astro site.

Abigail is not a child who will spend endless hours dreaming of what "might" be. She is more likely to set a goal and start working conscientiously toward it. Areas like learning to walk and discovering the limitations of the environment will probably be easier for Abigail

III. The Characters in the Story

This is one of the most comprehensive chapters of the "Child's Horoscope". This short version touches only on a few of the central characters in your child's personality. The complete report provides a detailed description on 7-9 pages.

The tension between the main characters in Abigail's inner story is the source of energy which provides the impetus for growth, movement and the formation of a healthy individuality.

Refinement, grace and delicacy of soul are qualities which belong to the core of Abigail's nature. From the earliest age she will be acutely sensitive to beauty and order ­ or their lack ­ in the environment. A tranquil world is almost as necessary to her as food and

[..] Necessary criticism should be offered in an objective, clear and civilized way. A thoughtless verbal attack ­ even if parents "didn't really mean it" because they were tired or irritable ­ will cause pointless and unnecessary hurt. Words matter to Abigail, and parents

Hidden traits

If she can learn to accommodate this earthier and more human aspect of herself, it will provide her with greater confidence and the ability to stand up for herself when facing conflict. She will also be able to display more honesty and authenticity in her interaction with

IV. Emotional Needs and Patterns in Relationships

This chapter contains valuable information on the child's basic needs and the relationship with her parents. The complete horoscope covers this chapter on 5-6 pages.

Every child has particular ways in which he or she experiences and seeks emotional contact with others, and this may not always accord with other, more dominant personality traits.

She too needs occasional breathing space to retreat into her inner world, although she is more likely to claim this space for herself than to allow it to loved ones. Her deeply intuitive emotional nature can discern the difference between a subtle but true feeling of rapport

This could contribute greatly to the girl's artistic sensibilities and her compassion for others as she grows up. There is considerable idealism in Abigail's love for her mother, and it may sometimes be hard for the daughter to see her mother as an ordinary person who can

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