Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Today Abigail is 8 weeks old celebrating her first Halloween, though she won't remember it, it will be a lot of fun for us. She has three Halloween outfits, none of which I bought, all were given as gifts. But I have chosen to keep it simple and just put her in her Halloween onesie. She has a bunny outfit, though I think it is yet still a little big and is more like a snowsuit because it is so bulky and warm looking, but I think I will keep it for when we go to a hockey game for her to wear and stay warm in.

This morning we met the girls and kiddos for some coffee and our weekly stroller walk. Always lots of fun and every week it seems like we have someone new in the group. So it is a great way to meet new people.

Have a wonderful Halloween!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

7 weeks old

Abigail has made a new accomplishment....sucking her thumb. After a week of trying and making loud sucking noses in the middle night, she has now mastered it on her own. I have also attached some photos of her in her golf socks, can you tell when Dad dresses Abigail?

Friday was our weekly stroller walk with the mamas and kiddos, always lots of fun. Plus Abigail and I also joined up with a couple good friends last night for a fall festival at a local church. It was just like a mini fair, looking forward to taking Abigail next year to it. It was lots of fun seeing all the kids dressed up in their Halloween outfits and running around.

Abigail is really enjoying being awake now and exploring the world around here. We now only have a few fussy moments, which I am usually able to get her to calm down. Now Ryan isn't so lucky in getting her to calm down. In fact, usually the moment I get out of the house to go run errands or go to a yoga class, she will start to cry. I think she is becoming a mama's girl.

This upcoming week we are going to go try out a music class geared towards babies.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We survived...

Abigail and I survived teaching our first Mommy & Baby Yoga class. Actually even though we had a baby who was fussy and then Abigail got hungry, it was a lot of fun! Babies are unpredictable so you can't plan how the class will go, you just go with the flow and that just makes it that much more fun, staying in the present moment, which is what yoga is about. Looking forward to next week.

Well lucky Abigail she won't have to go to the babysitters tonight when I go teach as Daddio Ryan is home. But really it is more like lucky me, because I am the one having a hard time with it. I am sure Abigail won't care. So maybe next week she will go to her babysitter.

Picture time: Abigail is really loving her bath time now as you can see in the pictures, I remember the first time was a total crying episode, now she just chills out and enjoys! Of course we couldn't resist picture time trying out her baseball hat. Abigail and I practicing yoga, we are ready for class!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

6 weeks old...

Friday Abigail turned 6 weeks old, here she is having some fun on her play mat. She is starting to smile and stick out her tongue at you. She has a couple new sounds, ech, almost like a small puppy bark, sounds so cute! She is starting to grab and reach for things. Today we are going to the pumpkin patch, hopefully she will be awake so we can take some pictures of her!

This week I start back teaching yoga. My first class will be Mommy & Baby Yoga class on Tuesdays at 1:30 at the Yoga Studio I am excited to be teaching again, but a little nervous as this will be my first experience teaching a mommy & baby yoga class. I am prepared, but wondering how my little girl is going to like it? I am thinking she will probably sleep through most of it as it is a bit of a drive from our house to the studio and Abigail usually falls asleep in the car.

On Wednesday night Abigail will be going to her first babysitter as I will be teaching a yoga class on Wednesday evenings at the CC Athletic Club. I only started out teaching one yoga class without her a week to see how she does with the babysitter, then in November I will start teaching the Prenatal Yoga class I use to teach on Mondays before I had Abigail. I am a little nervous about leaving Abigail with anyone else but Ryan or our family (when the where here visiting). It is hard for me to trust anyone else watching her, though I know the babysitter is very qualified and her and Abigail seemed to like each other when they met a few weeks ago. I have probably watched one too many Lifetime movies. Also the thought of being away from her too, even though it is only an hour and half. So I am sure I will be crying when I leave her and probably will be thinking about her the whole time I am teaching. I really don't know how mothers that have to go back to work full-time after 6 weeks leave there babies in daycare. I am very lucky I don't have to do that, I would be a basket-case.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Abigail's recent visitors...

Today Grandma Joanne, Auntie Rachel & Cousin Dezbah left back home northern land. We all had a nice time visiting, sight seeing, and eating some good food. Rachel & Dezbah had some fun with our friends Tiffany and Harper, Harper and Dezbah are only 5 days apart. I hate it when family has to leave, hopefully someday we will all live closer.

New clothes

As I stated in the earlier post our little Abigail is growing, she is now into the next section in her closet. Here our a few pics of our sweet little girl. Notice matching mama and baby! Thanks Bobbi & Grandpa David for the cute outfit!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

5 weeks old

Our little Abigail is having many firsts. Right now though she has her first cold, she has a stuffed up little nose, poor baby I so feel for her. Saturday she started wearing her 0-3 month size clothing, which means she is growing and now has some more cute outfits to wear. Also last night she attended her first dance concert at the park, it was a nice family event. This last week she has been spending some time with her Grandma Cogley, Auntie Rachel and cousin Dezbah. Dezbah is now about 15 months, it is fun to watch her explore the world and see all the joy we have to look forward to with Abigail when she gets to that age. We have many new pictures to share with you all, but first need to find a little time to get them uploaded, so be watching for those to be posted soon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Month Old

On Sunday Abigail turned 1 month old, my how time flies! Here is a picture of our sweet angel!

Last night she slept really well, we slept till 7:30am, usually she is up at 6:30, so an extra hour was heaven for all of us. Her fussiness is getting better, we are learning how to communicate better. We try to follow a schedule and watch for clues during the day when she is getting over tired. During the day she likes to be up, but she needs her nap or we have cranky baby. She is still just the cutest sweetest little baby you will ever meet!

Tomorrow Ryan's family arrives and Abigail will meet her Grandma Cogley, Aunt Rachel, and cousin Dezbah.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fussy baby...

So yesterday after our workout at the gym, which went well, Abigail enjoyed a nice nap in her stroller while we walked around the track. However, the afternoon and evening dragged on for me, as our sweet little Abigail was very fussy. Nothing I could do would make her happy for more then 5 minutes, so we ended up going on a couple car rides, just so I could have some peace and quiet and few minutes to breath. It was an exhausting day to say the least, trying to comfort her. After talking to my good friend Stacy, which was very helpful! I liked what she said about how your child was born to you, not someone else. So in retrospect Abigail is meant for us and we need to try and figure out to communicate together, which is all new right now but will get easier. Plus I am sure with Ryan going back to work, that was all new for us, especially Abigail, who is use to us both being around. Our day today was much better with Ryan being home from work, we are able to switch off and I was able to get a little time to myself. Which is so important you do need to take care of yourself too in order to be able to take care of your baby.

Friday, October 3, 2008

4 weeks old today...

Abigail is 4 weeks old today, she will be a month old on Sunday. I can't believe how fast the first month has gone. She is already becoming her own unique person and changes every day. I don't think it will be too long and she will be turning herself over, she is one strong and determined little girl.

Yesterday evening I met up with some girlfriends for some yummy sushi, which I haven't had in forever, well at least before I was pregnant! It was really good and had a fabulous time with the girls!! Then Ryan was called for work, so fun time with the girls ended and it was time to be a mommy, which has it own rewards. It was Ryan's first day back to work since Abigail arrived. I am happy to report, that Abigail and I had a very good night, we watched the debate on TV and then I got her ready for bed, she went to sleep right away, she is such a good sleeper at night. Though up a little early today, but I believe that was do to some gas she was having. Now she is a happy little girl swinging in her swing. Soon we will take off to the gym to walk around the track and then hopefully today go visit a friend.

On Sunday, there is a baby massage workshop being put on at the Yoga Studio I teach at. So Abigail is going to meet lots of new people and babies! If you are interested in the workshop, please feel free to contact me, I believe at this time there are two openings left.

This upcoming week my mother in-lawn, sister in-law, and niece arrive from Minnesota!