Monday, November 24, 2008

So what have we been up to?

Had a wonderful weekend with my hubby and daughter. I also was able to attend a 3 hour yoga workshop, first time I have been away from Abigail that long, and first time daddy Ryan has had Abigail all by himself. The workshop with Doug Swenson was wonderful, it brought me some sanity and peace within. Ryan and Abigail also had a fun afternoon!

Today was my yearly physical appointment, good news my tests results show I am healthy. But the doc kept questioning if I was depressed or had any anxiety, she said a lot of new mothers do. I said nothing out of the ordinary. I had to take Abigail with, as Ryan had to go to work, she was a little fuss bucket the entire appointment, but as soon as we got out to the jeep she fell asleep. So now she is napping and I am enjoying a little quiet time to myself.

So back to the depression/anxiety questioning with the doc. So of course there are times when I feel sad, feel like I don't know myself, and/or stressed. But then there are times when I feel nothing but complete joy and happiness! Motherhood is challenging, just like any job is, but this job has a lot more rewards. Another thing, motherhood is all new to me and I don't have family around to help support me, so it is even more challenging. But like I said nothing out of the ordinary. Life is all about dealing with ups and downs, and your goal is to find contentment/happiness with everything you do. What I did learn from the workshop for myself, is that I do need to find that time where I can spend a little bit of each day doing my yoga practice/mediation, as that got lost when Abigail arrived. Lucky for me, Ab sleeps really well, so by getting up a early then she does each day I have a couple hours to myself where I can accomplish things and have that time I need to charge up for the day, so that I can deal with any obstacles that might arrive.

Ab and I have been enjoying some outings with friends. She really seems to like the coffee shop, she is a people watcher. She also likes to shop, again she is either people watching or sleeping. Last week we attended Musikgarten class. She really liked it, so for Christmas this year we are enrolling her into a 14 week class. Her and I will go to class once a week, sing songs, do some movement, play with some shakers, rattles, and scarves, and do some dancing. Some of our friends are signing up too, so it will be lots of fun for us all.

Our first Thanksgiving with Abigail is arriving this week. I can't wait to put Abigail in her cute Thanksgiving outfit, so watch for a picture of that. We will be going to a friends house, or maybe I should say a couple friends homes, as we were invited by several. So we will be enjoying some good food with friends, but I do wish I could spend it with our families. So to everyone out there that I won't be seeing for Thanksgiving, our family wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cooler weather is here

Abigail ready to go out for the cooler weather, finally sweater time!

Abigail on the move

Abigail loves her play time. She is practicing her rolling and since week 1 she has been lifting her head. I am just waiting for her to roll over completely now. No more leaving her unattended when she is on anything that she could possibly roll off of.

Friday, November 7, 2008

9 weeks and our first shots...

Thought I quickly share, as I know how my family likes to know about Abigail. Ab was a very good girl today when she got her shots, she only cried for a moment, but I think it was harder on me then here. But she is doing very well-she had an excellent report and the doc was very happy! She is now 12lbs 5 oz and 22 inches long. So that explains why my back and wrists hurt from carrying her around, but I should have some good strong biceps soon! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2 months old today...

Our little baby girl is two months old today!! She has changed so much since the day she was born. She is ready to party it up!! Yesterday she went to her first mommy playgroup, though she was the youngest one there, these playgroups will be lots of fun. She loves to look around and watch the kiddos play. It won't be long and she will be doing the same, as these two months have gone by so fast.

Friday she has her two month checkup and vaccinations. I have been doing some research and have opted to use Dr. Sear's Alternative Vaccine Schedule. I am excited to see how much our little girl weighs, she has outgrown her newborn clothes and is in her 0-3 months clothes and is wearing 3 month sized socks, apparently our little girl has some big feet, which will be so much better for balance. Big feet like her mom!

Enjoy these beautiful fall days, we are! We have been trecking around in the stroller and enjoying our walks with the cooler weather!