Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blessing Baby Shower

What a wonderful beautiful baby shower my friends put on. There is so much thanks to be given I don't even know where to begin. But first I have to be thankful for yoga! If it was not for my love of yoga, I would not have meant the wonderful people that have come into my life. These friends have become my second family. Most of my friends I have made are connected to yoga in some way, either they do yoga or are friends with someone that does yoga. I was grateful to give the gift of yoga to my friends today that have never tried it. I hope that they reaped just a few of the benefits that yoga has given me. It was an honor to share yoga with my friends for the first time and also to be together bonding with everyone in the experience. Just having them share in the experience with me was a wonderful feeling! Yoga has given me so much. Yoga makes my body feel good, frees my mind, and is my savior. I have meant so many wonderful people taking yoga or teaching yoga, it is a wonderful gift to give to others, the connection of helping someone.

After yoga we enjoyed a wonderful time bonding and enjoying very good food.

Thank you to everyone that came to my baby shower today. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and to share this wonderful experience with each of you. Thank you for helping Ryan and I prepare for Abigail. I can't wait to meet her and look forward to her meeting each of you! Also special thanks to my lovely, amazing hostesses Tiffany, Michelle, & Salinda!! Of course thanks to my wonderful amazing friend who gave the gift of yoga today to us, Stacy!! Again it was beautiful and amazing day to spend with friends, thank you!!

Keep posted, as soon as I have time to figure out the camera I will upload some pictures of our beautiful time together!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She's back...

I love it that my regular OB doc is back, she is so kind and thorough, even gives hugs! Did my glucose test, piece of cake! The cocktail was like drinking strawberry pancake syrup, little sweet for my liking, but not gross. Now waiting for the results. But since I have been getting nauseated again, the doc wants to check my gallbladder, apparently when your pregnant some women get sludge in there gallbladder which can cause nausea, so she had me do another blood test and I need to schedule an ultrasound tomorrow on my gallbladder to check it out and make sure I don't have gallbladder stones. If it is sludge it goes away after pregnancy, but if it is stones, well then that would mean surgery, yikes! So we are both hoping for sludge or just plain ol' morning sickness. I can honestly say I have never wished for sludge, ha!

But little Ms. Abigail was giving attitude today in the docs office, while the nurse was trying to get the heartbeat she kept moving and kicking and then finally she settled down for a moment. I think I am going to have my hands full with this child. :)

I will be seeing a lot of you on Saturday at the baby shower! Looking forward to doing some yoga together, chatting, and eating some yummy food!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I was saying what....

Well I had been feeling pretty good the last couple months, but now this last week has been a bit of struggle. I am getting more and more uncomfortable and the sickness again, and plus the heat, oh my, Texas heat!! So two more months, maybe it isn't going to go so fast as I was saying last week. But the good thing not much longer to go! I am just looking forward to the day I get to meet our precious little miracle Abigail!! Yesterday I was at a 1 year old birthday, and the kids were having so much fun, so I have all those things to look forward to!!

Tuesday is my monthly OB appointment, the good news is that my regular OB Doctor is back from maternity leave. Bad news is that at this appointment I have to do the glucose test. I hear the drink is not so pleasant, let's just hope Abigail likes it and doesn't want me to throw it up. :)

Next weekend is my baby shower here at the yoga studio. I am so looking forward to spending the day with my friends. They have been a great support system here for me! While us girls are enjoying some yoga and bonding time, the guys are going golfing and then it is grill out at our house that evening!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another week....

Another week has gone by, it seems to actually be going fast now, let's hope it stays that way, because the summer is hot and long already! I have started organizing and putting away Abigail's baby clothes and new things she has been getting. So the baby room is coming along, it is all decorated, just needs to be put together and it is a project, but a fun project. Ryan and I took an overnight trip to Houston, it was a nice get away! I even got to meet Kiya, she is so much cuter in person. We enjoyed a nice breakfast with Jennifer and Kiya! We did some exploring, found the new outlet mall in Fairbanks, got a few outfits for Abigail, all on sale of course, each piece was less then $2.99, couldn't go wrong there!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hot, hot, hot....

Sure seems like summer has arrived, the weather is hot and sunny!! This weekend was a weekend spent with friends. Went to see Sex & The City, which was very good! Sunday we celebrated a special little girls 1st Birthday! Picture of Harper with her beautiful mama and papa! It was a fun party, lounging by the pool, enjoying good company with friends, and oh don't forget the yummy food!

I am now in my 25th week of pregnancy, I am hot and tired all the time, plus dealing with some nausea here and there, but hey that is part of being pregnant. But the one thing I love about being pregnant is I can eat without feeling guilty. Normally I would not indulge in a lot of sweets or high calorie foods, but being pregnant I have this excuse I can use, I am eating for two.

Thought for the day, life is precious, enjoy every moment, wishing all lots of love and happiness!