Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a night...

Last night was probably the first time Abigail didn't sleep very well, she was up every hour crying. Though I don't know what it is, she seems fine, no fever and doesn't appear to be sick. Maybe a tooth is coming in or maybe she just didn't want to sleep? We did have a very good day yesterday, she was very happy, took her naps, ate well, and was blabbering up a storm. So will see how the day goes.

But I am excited her hair is finally starting to come in! She has also grown a bit again (she must be at least 15lbs), since she has outgrown some more outfits. She is eating well, loves her sweet potatoes and rice cereal, today we are going to try some bananas. Though sometimes feeding time can be a little hectic, trying to get the food in fast enough, because if I am not fast enough with that spoon she gets upset, but the moment the food goes in, she is happy. She definitely has her daddy's appetite.

Musikgarten class is going good, but she just is not a morning person. First of all for her to get to the 9am class I have to get her up at 8am, which she normally sleeps till 9am. She really doesn't seem interested in the class, but I think she is still getting something out of it, at least I hope she is. Otherwise we are both wasting our time and energy. So again she is like her dad, likes to sleep in and is not a morning person. Because come late morning she is ready to start blabbering and moving around, but it takes her a good hour or two to get going, again a lot like her dad. But I guess that is good she isn't like me, as I am a morning person. If we were both morning people we would be getting in each others way. This way I have time for myself in the morning and then can devote the rest of my day to her.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Notice the change...

Here is Abigail at 3 weeks of age learning how to such her thumb with the help of Grandpa and Abigail sucking her thumb at 4 1/2 months of age. I am in awe at how much our beautiful girl as changed, she is no longer that little newborn baby, she is growing up so fast...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We spent a nice long weekend with my parents, aka Abigail's Grandpa & Grandma Wobschall. Abigail was such a good girl, well like she always is. She played with Grandpa & Grandma, she went down for her naps when it was time, and went on some outings with us. Ab's shopped for her Christmas present which she is playing with Grandma with, she likes mirros, lights, and music! Here she is with Grandpa sucking her thumb, he was teaching her on their last visit here and that was when she was 3 weeks old, wow how much she has grown and changed. She has become her own little fun, beautiful, unique person. It was sad to see them go so soon, maybe someday we will all live much closer together.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lots going on...

Well we made it to Musikgarten, both of us looking tired, but we both enjoyed it! Looking forward to next week! We also had a good Mommy & Baby yoga class! I love our group of mommies! Our oldest baby girl in the the class is now starting to crawl it is so exciting watching these babes grow up in front of me. I do need to take some pics of our class, but so hard when I am the teacher.

Got a call Tuesday that my parents are coming, they will be here today!! Whoohoo! I can't wait to see my parents faces when they see Ab's and how much she has changed since they saw her at 3 weeks of age.

This Saturday is Yoga Day USA, with my parents here I don't know that I will be able to participate, but I wanted to share it all with you, so be sure to check out all the free classes going on at the Yoga Studio and around town and also in areas around you in other states. If you haven't tried yoga before, now is the time! I swear yoga has saved me in so many ways, and now it helps me to relax and recenter myself as a mommy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Growing up so fast...

We decided last night to be the night to start Abigail on rice cereal and what a fun experience that was! I have been doing lots of research and reading up on baby food and making baby food, etc...I really suggest anyone at this stage read Super Baby Foods, very informative!

Abigail is growing up so fast, right before our very own eyes! I am still amazed day by day how sweet life is with her in it!

Next week we start Musikgarten classes, which will be loads of fun. A few of the moms in our yoga classes are also going, so it will be a fun group. The only down side is that the class is at 9am. Ab's bedtime is 9pm-9am, so she will have to get up one day early each week. A couple months ago Ab's and I attended a class to see what it was all about, and she just loved it! I can only imagine now that she is so much more alert at what is going on in the world around her how cool she will really think it is.

Last week we had our mommy & kiddo potluck at Sarah's home. I really enjoyed the time with the other mom's. I have made so many new friends with other mom's. It is lots of fun to get together and watch the babes interact with one another. Though Ab was really being a mama's baby that day. I think she is getting to be a little too attached to me. This month I am subbing a few extra classes and Ab's is going to her babysitters, which she did well at on Monday and I know our babysitter's little girl just love having Abigail there. It is really good for the kiddo's to interact and be around others.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Four months old...

Monday Ab's turned 4 months old and had her 4 month checkup. Happy to report that she is doing super duper good! She is very healthy and growing like a little weed! She is now 14.3 pounds and 24 inches long, still a little shorty, but hey that is to be expected, since Ry and I are both on the shorter side. She is becoming so aware of her surroundings and loves to go out! She is still a good sleeper and happy baby most the time, of course she has her moments, but who doesn't. She was so crabby yesterday, and I know it was from the shots she got, because she normally isn't like that, but today she is back to normal and happy. I just felt so guilty all day, I am the one who took her to her doc appointment and gave the ok to get her shots, so I felt it was some of my fault because she was hurting. The things us mom's have to go through, I am sure there will be many more of these moments of where I second guess myself and wondering if I am doing the right thing with her. I just wish for her to be a healthy, happy, smart, beautiful woman!

She is still enjoying her car that she got from her friend Harper, who by the way is one of the cutest wild child you will ever meet. One day soon she will be able to reach the floor in her car and push herself around after the dogs, for now she just loves being pushed around in it. She likes her exersaucer too and playing with her hands. She is really starting to babble a little more, she has a very loud squel, which she enjoys, but our ears don't like it, but if it makes her happy letting the neighbors know she is here, then I am happy for her.

Soon my parents will be here for another visit, they haven't seen Abigail since she was 3 weeks old, and they are going to be amazed at how much she has grown, I am amazed! I can't believe how much she has grown and changed.

This week we have our monthly momma and kiddo potlluck, Ab and I both enjoy these outings, great way to have some adult interaction and watch the kiddos play together or should I say for me, it watching Abigail watch the kids play together, but this time she won't be the youngest one there, we have some younger babes in attendance this month.

Hope you are all enjoying the New Year, look forward to hearing from you soon! Happy New Year!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Big changes are a brewing...

Well it is the New Year and I am feeling like there are going to be some changes coming our way! I have never felt this feeling before, usually just another year, but 2009 feels different. Whoohoo!!! I can't say what those changes are, but I just know some great things are coming. So stay tuned...

2008 proved to be a wonderful year for us. We had our precious Abigail, what more could we ask for. She is going to be 4 months old already on Monday, so crazy how fast time flies by sometimes. But let me tell you, it is one joyful ride! I love sharing it with you, my family & friends. So here are a couple picks of our cute girl in her ride, watch out dogs it won't be long and this little girl is going to be running into you, hold onto your fur! Of course we could not resist not taking a pic in her tie-dye, she is our little flower child!