Friday, February 20, 2009

My how fast things change...

I had to post some pics of Abigail in her cute leggings. Also she is sitting by herself, though she will still topple over because she will see something out of reach, try to reach for it and then over she goes. There are lots of changes in a week, she no longer likes her swing, I think she thinks it is for babies, she wants to grow up faster then she should. She hasn't liked her papsan for a while, she out grew that quick. So the good news here, more room as we can pack these items away. But now on to bigger things, she is about to out grow her cradle, which is in our bedroom and she sleeps so well in. So do we move the crib into our bedroom from her bedroom, or try getting her to sleep in her crib in her room? Right now she just takes short naps in her crib. This is a decision that we will have to make and right now, I lean for moving the crib into our room, as I think it will be easier on us all.

In two weeks she will be 6 months!! Wow how crazy time flies! But we are excited we get to move on to different foods and she can start going swimming. Daddy is especially excited about the swimming part.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Abigail

Since it is Valentine's Day, we had to dress up our little girl for the occasion!! Isn't she as cute as can be!! We are lucky enough that daddy will be home later today to share the special day with us, we have a romantic night of pizza planned, yumo!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 months old...

Abigail turned 5 months old last Thursday. She continues to grow like a weed, loves to eat, she tried squash and is now onto apples. She is practically sitting by herself, but will tumble over if she starts to lean, but oh so close. Ab's is exploring her toys more and likes to listen to music and be outside. She definitely loves exploring and seeing new things. She is holding her bottle also but still needs a little help, and now she thinks she is old enough to feed herself, whoa hold on girl you are growing up way too fast! We haven't taken a lot of photos lately, but here is one of her trying to be a feed herself and in her cute denim skort.

Daddio has been working a lot, good for the check book, but not good for time at home. But Ab's and I are adjusting. Sometimes I feel as though I am a single mom trying to tackle everything. So I sure do miss having Ryan home, as he is such a big help.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Peas, peas...

Good news Ab's is much better, she must of gotten a little cold. There is so much sickness going around, I have two friends with sick kiddo's and when I spoke with my friend who works at the ped clinic, she said they are swamped with sick kiddos coming in. People just need to learn to stay home when there sick. Last week I was working out at the gym and some guy next to me started coughing and sneezing, so I moved, I mean come on, stay home please! Enough talk about sickness.

So we started Ab's on peas this week instead of the bananas. Let me tell you watching her eat them is just gross, I hate peas and so does Ryan. But Ab's seems to like them, oh yum, yum!! Since we have started her on food, the poops are sure interesting and yes messy at times. I think we have ruined two outfits. In addition it gets messy at feeding too, food going everywhere. So I make sure to roll up her sleeves or take her shirt of an put on the biggest bib I have, so advice mommies, get the largest bibs possible and plenty have them! But we have fun at most the feeding unless Ab's is in one of her modes where I can't get the spoon fast enough in her mouth. Oh the adventures & I know there will be so many more!!