Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ready for Spring

Abigail is ready for Spring, trying out her new swing, which she loves!! Trying on her new shades, thanks Grandpa & Grandma Wobschall, she loves wearing them and looks sooooo COOL!! Dressing in her new Spring clothes. Abigail is so full of life & love!! Last weekend we went to the Art Fest where she enjoyed looking around. Next year when we go she will be able to participate in the kid art play area, which looks like a lot of fun and also big mess too!

Last week we had our largest class at Mommy & Baby Yoga, and Abigail was a star student. This week she also was very good, I think she really just likes to sit and watch. This week we had a Grandpa in class, that was nice, so come on Dad's where are you? Well don't be shy! I have to say though Ryan has had many opportunities to come, but has yet to go. That is ok, it has become a fun bonding experience with Abigail and I enjoy it! This month I will start teaching two additional yoga classes a week. I am very excited to be teaching more and hopefully be able to help some new mommies and mommies to be!

Easter is around the corner and we are excited to share Easter this year with Abigail, it will be her first! She already received one Easter basket from my parents/her Grandparents and also Easter presents from her Uncle Jason and Aunt Amber. I am sure she'll be spoiled. :)

Spring is here, so enjoy all the new blooming flowers, leaves on the trees, and nature at it's most beautiful!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cute as a lady bug...

Abigail is already to go see her boyfriend Clancy! She wanted to dress the part for our afternoon mama & baby potluck! Isn't she as cute as can be!!

Well life with baby is a lot easier now, Abigail is certainly becoming her very own unique person and she is just full of life. We are starting to groove together. Being a new mommy is a lot of firsts, so it is a big learning process, but now I feel as though I am getting the hang of it. Plus I have a group of great friends here too that are of good support.

I have got my fire back and I am ready to start teaching more classes and hopefully doing some privates. I really see a need for prenatal yoga and yoga for mommies & babies. You don't realize how challenging pregnancy or motherhood is until your there. Of course it goes to say there is also so much joy at the same time!! But I feel a need to be helping these woman, and yoga for me was very helpful so I want to be able to provide it to others. So I am starting my new adventure, going to market myself and see what comes. I am feeling inspired!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cute as can be in her cameo...

Our sweet pumpkin bumpkin, my nickname for her is still sleeping peacefully through the night and what a difference it does bring when you don't have to get up in the middle of the night. Abigail certainly lets you know when she doesn't like something! For those of you on Facebook you will have to check out the new video of her and Molly our weim dog. Abigail seems to love Molly and I think Molly doesn't know what to think of her yet, like are you kidding me, it's a love hate relationship, haha!! Poor Junior, our GSP dog, he is still very camera shy and he seems a bit shy around Abigail. But I know that their relationship will grow close one day, as Junior is a very sweet dog. I look forward to watching them grow up and play together, running around in the back yard will be a sweet treat to watch, and I know it will be here before I know, because time sure does go by fast! Here a couple pics of her in her cameo outfit from Cabela's, thanks Joyce for the cute outfit!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

First swim...

Abigail enjoyed her first outing to the pool! Here she is with daddy having a good time floating around and she sure is cute in her butterfly swimsuit. Thanks Grandma C for the suit!!

Also tomorrow is daddio's birthday, so be sure to send him some good birthday wishes his way!! Abigail got daddy a golfing bracelet for his birthday present!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

6 Months

Life sure is different from last year at this time. Last year at this time I was probably struggling with morning or should I say all day sickness. What a difference it is now! Abigail is here and 6 months old, and let me tell you it seems just like yesterday when she a month old. We have learned so much about each other and it has only been a short time since she has been on earth with us. She is babbling, sitting, playing with her feet, eating from a spoon, holding her bottle, has favorite toys, loves watching the dogs & kiddos play, going out for walks, shopping and cafe's. So those are the things Ab's has accomplished or course with some of mom & dad's help. Next she will be going swimming soon with daddy at the pool, while I teach yoga. Soon she will be going on her first trip away from home to Austin!! I also think of all the things I have learned and am amazed, I know how to take care of a baby, diapers, more then I care to know about baby poop, feed, bottles, sooth, playtime, vaccinations, baby food, breastfeeding, formula, baby toys, totally get what it means to be a mother & that is a big one, plus most important unconditional pure love, baby, baby, baby...I have read more baby books then I care too to discuss, and well I am no longer obsessed with having to know it all, I am now going with the flow, we are enjoying our new life and I am once again reading things I enjoy that benefit myself. So the first couple months were scary time as new parents trying to not worry about every little thing, and now six months later, I am no longer losing sleep over worrying about our little girl. Well of course I still worry, just not as much, can't help that is she is on my mind 24/7! My heart is so much more open now, more compassionate, having a baby definitely changes you as a person, how you view things, it just changes everything, but it is oh so good! Abigail has brought us so much more joy & love into our lives!

So now that she is 6 months we have had a lot of firsts this week, it is just amazing to us! Last night she had her first laugh'a'thon! It was so hilarious, she has laughed before but not like this, this was a good 10 minutes. We have it on video, so I will post that on Facebook. The last two nights our baby girl has slept through the entire night. So will this continue? If not, no big deal she has always been a good sleeper, I just lay her down after her 9pm bottle and she goes to sleep within a couple minutes, gets up once in the night for a quick snack and back to sleep in her cradle until 9am. Well now it is her crib, we moved the crib into our bedroom yesterday week, sure we could have put her to sleep in her own room. But Ryan and I both like having her sleep in the same room with us. We all feel secure and comfortable in one room. Plus we also have one dog in the room with us too, Molly sleeps on her pillow on the floor. Poor Junior he is in the other room, but he likes his crate.

Tomorrow of course is the 6 month checkup, I love taking her to the docs office to get the growth changes. But not so excited about those vaccination shots.

So here is our baby the day we brought her home, just 1 day old and today with Ryan. Next she will be standing on her own and then walking, watch out world here I come!!