Friday, May 29, 2009


Before Ryan went back to work we did a little exploring in Brenham and in Bellville, where we live. Let me tell you, they have some great food at these cafes here and some fun shopping!! We all love it here, so peaceful and relaxing!! I can't get over how friendly people are, feels a little like home in Minnesota. We are so glad we did this move, the only thing missing is our family and good friends. I am so looking forward to ya'll visiting so I can share with you what a wonderful place this is! I know I do need to take some pictures, but just too busy enjoying it all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We are about settled in and enjoying our new home in Bellville! It is so very beautiful here, trees, green, flowers, fresh air, and very friendly! We are all very happy here, love the town, the neighbors are sweet, lots of antique shopping, and cafe's, what more could you ask for! Plus a bed and breakfast (Dove Cottage) next door to us for anyone that wishes to stay a while.

We are very thankful to our friends for helping us out with our move, Courtney and Salinda for watching Abigail, while I did packing, John & Vicki for helping us do the big move, and their daughter Emma for playing with Abigail. It was a lot of work, but all worth it! Thanks ya'll!!

Abigail has adjusted very well and is in her own room now, which means we get our room back to ourselves, I think it was harder on us then Abigail, but we have all adjusted. The dogs are doing very well also, loving there new yard! Junior has been going on morning runs with me around the town.

Here's a couple pictures of Abigail's bedroom and of course picture with her mama!! :)

Looking forward to showing you are new home and the town, so hope ya'll will come visit very soon!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

catch up...

Well I haven't posted in a while, thought I quickly update ya'll, as life has been one crazy ride this month! Sorry no pictures, but Abigail is growing like a weed and really just one sweet baby!! She is loving her jumper that our friend Nikki borrowed us! She is starting to eat finger foods, yogurt drops. We tried some cheerios, but those are too hard for her, the poor girl doesn't have any teeth yet. She is getting up on her knees, so crawling will probably be next, if she doesn't walk first. Someday's I think she is going to skip crawling, she loves to stand, and slide around.

This is our last week in Corpus! So very exciting, but yet sad as I won't be able to see my wonderful friends here in Corpus as much. We will be 3 1/2 hours apart, so I do plan on making some trips here and there for visits and hopefully ya'll will come visit us! We love to have you, always more then welcome!! Just have to put up with our crazy Molly! For those of you that have met her, you know what I am talking about, but she is just full of love and life, she likes people to know she is here!

Currently finishing up with garage sale today, that my friend Nikki is hosting and doing much of the work, because of having no voice and sinus infection. I am so very thankful for her help! Then I need to finish packing and cleaning, plus another long list of things to get and do for our move. Also anyone is more then welcome to come and help us, we love it! :) This is my way of saying PLEASE!! Good thing though I have moved a dozen times before so I really do have the packing down, it just more of a challenge with Abigail. It will be interesting to see how she does moving and in a new house. Also same for Junior, our adopted GSP, he has never moved with us, hopefully he won't go into hiding, he hides when he gets upset, unlike Molly who barks when she is upset. Oh how we love our dogs!! But they really are great and Abigail loves them. Though Junior maybe going to stay with the Grandparent's in northern land, if he can hitch a ride that way. He loves the outdoors and I know he would definietly get more freedom and the extra attention he needs.

Anyhow that is about what is going on in a quick post. So anyhow next post and hopefully pictures, we will be in our new home. Take care all and enjoy the summer!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Month of May Excitement!!

Today our little precious girl turned 8 months how, I just think how crazy that is, 8 months already, where has the time gone!! Abigail brings so much joy into our hearts! I have noticed lately that it won't be long and we will be baby-proofing, she is starting to grab things that are not meant for her, she loves scooting around in her car and jumping in the jumper, she sure does have strong little legs. She is also one smart cookie, I love watching her learn new things. She is really into her hands lately, she likes to watch her hands, it's like she is studying them.

You are probably wondering, where are the pictures? I know I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately, but the last 2 months sure have been a whirlwind around here and will continue that way for the rest of the month. Just as I was starting to get back into teaching yoga classes, we took a trip to Bellville, Texas and well...feel in love with the little town. It was better then we imagined! We also found and fell in love with a cute house built in 1890, after some negoitations, we will be the proud new owners of that house on May 22nd. So yes, that means we are moving out of Corpus and to the hill country area of Texas!! It is a big move for us, but will be worth all the hard work. It will be a wonderful place for Abigail to grow up. The town has the cutest downtown, plus not far from Bellville is Brenham, which is full of antique shops, cafes, and where they make Blue Bonnet ice cream!! There is a winery, parks, trails, water park, college, etc... So as you can see we are very excited about our upcoming move, though not looking forward to all the packing, moving, and unpacking. It is going to be triple the work now that we have Abigail, but I know we can do it! Also in addition we trying to sell our house, just waiting and praying for that buyer to come along. Otherwise it looks as though we could be landlords. But I just know that soon our house will sell, who wouldn't want to buy our lovely home!! Once we get settled in our new town, we will have to go out exploring with the camera and blog about our new home!!