Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We are about settled in and enjoying our new home in Bellville! It is so very beautiful here, trees, green, flowers, fresh air, and very friendly! We are all very happy here, love the town, the neighbors are sweet, lots of antique shopping, and cafe's, what more could you ask for! Plus a bed and breakfast (Dove Cottage) next door to us for anyone that wishes to stay a while.

We are very thankful to our friends for helping us out with our move, Courtney and Salinda for watching Abigail, while I did packing, John & Vicki for helping us do the big move, and their daughter Emma for playing with Abigail. It was a lot of work, but all worth it! Thanks ya'll!!

Abigail has adjusted very well and is in her own room now, which means we get our room back to ourselves, I think it was harder on us then Abigail, but we have all adjusted. The dogs are doing very well also, loving there new yard! Junior has been going on morning runs with me around the town.

Here's a couple pictures of Abigail's bedroom and of course picture with her mama!! :)

Looking forward to showing you are new home and the town, so hope ya'll will come visit very soon!!


  1. Your new home is such the perfect home. Love it!

  2. I'm so glad ya'll are adjusted...but I'm sad you are gone!


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