Monday, June 29, 2009


Long road trip today to Corpus and back, the house is officially sold!! Whoohoo!! While having lunch today we noticed Abigail has not one, but two teeth! Don't know where they popped up from, because we didn't have any teething signs. Looks like she has a great pain tolerance like her mommy!! She is one tough girl!! I will have to try and get some pictures of those pearly teeth, but don't think that is going to be too easy.

For those of you all worried about our Junior Boy. I am happy to report his new family is spoiling him and Junior seems very happy!! It makes it easier on me knowing he is getting the attention and love he deserves!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Making decisions...

Being a mom sure does change how you view the world and the decisions you have to make. I had to recently make a very hard decision for our family, and I am sure this won't be the last hard decision I will have to make. It was a heartbreaking decision, but it is truly for the best. Our Junior Boy (best dog ever) had to leave our home, though we found him the best home possible, great friends that have welcomed him into their home and we can still see him on our visits to Austin. There daughter and Junior instantly fell in love with each other, so that made me happy to see that after having to shed some tears and I am sure we will all be missing him for a while.

Onto fun things, we went to Round Top to an antique show, oh the items I would have loved to have bought for our home. I am looking forward to going to the Fall show and taking our parents there when they come for a visit. While at the antique show, Abigail soon became the star of the show, you couldn't walk two steps with out getting ohs and ahs from people. She was smiling and babbling all the way through, having a good time! Oh and the place we ate at, the best! So if your in Round Top go to Royers Cafe, it is out of this world good and worth the wait. I think Junior's new parents would agree too!

Abigail also was able to spend some time in her pool this weekend, what else is there to do in 100 degree sunny weather!

Even though some tears have been shed this weekend and we are missing our Junior Boy, its been a good weekend, as my husband is home to spend time with us, which is hard to come by with his job.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

On this lovely Father's Day!

When people ask what my husband does for a living and I say, Railroad engineer, the first response I always get is, how COOL! Really is it? Well it is cool to think of my husband running a big locomotive and a lot of guy's envy that. When Abigail is old enough to start dating the guys are all going to want to go out with her, because they will think it is cool she has a dad that runs trains. Hmmm....getting a little ahead of myself there, but the point I am trying to get out and explain to ya'll is that life as a railroad wife isn't always easy and here is why I can never plan, even though I would love to, because I am a type A personality and organized. While most of you are all celebrating father's day today, Ryan got home late this morning and is trying to catch up on some much needed sleep, before the railroad calls him for work again. So in our world here, just another day at the Woelpern house, run by Jennie (yes I make a great CEO) and entertaining our daughter Abigail. Sometimes I wish for a more normal life, but that isn't going to happen with Ryan's job, no set schedule, on-call 24/7, working long hours/days away, but you know it was how I grew up, my father always gone working too because of his job as a truck driver, so it is something I understand, but at times it sucks, I am not going to lie!! I sometimes envy those families that get to spend weekends together having family time, grilling out, going places together, for those that are able to celebrate father's day or any other holiday, weekend together, enjoy it don't take it for granted! But I do have some advantages with Ryan's schedules. There are times when he is home during the week when we can go to places and it will be quiet, not busy, because most people are working at those times, so we don't have to deal with crowds, which is a nice advantage. Oh and the house stays clean, I always get to eat what I like, don't have to compromise with anyone else. Also another advantage well I don' t have to plan anything, because I can't plan not knowing if Ryan will be working or not working. So please don't get upset with us if we are unable to make your event, or we have to change our plans last minute, we really would love to be there, more then you know. Then there are times when Ryan is going to be home where we sometimes just want to take it easy and spend time together as a family, as that time is precious to us. Plus with Ryan's job he can't be far from home, as he needs to be close in case that call comes in for him to go to work, so yes another thing that sometimes holds us back from going out and going places. But we do have a great life despite my husband's job, Ryan receives good compensation and in this time he is fortunate to have a good job and plus he likes his job, so that makes all the difference too. Though I feel my husband deserves more then he receives for the crazy hours he works and missing out on things with us.

I wish my husband the best first Father's Day, even though he is sleeping through it, he deserves a medal for working those crazy hours and providing for our family, which also allows me to stay home with our beautiful daughter, which allows me to teach her things she may never learn by being in a daycare, watching her grow and learn, and to be able just to be there for her. So thank you Ryan for your hard work and dedication to your family!! We love you!!

Also my dad too, I wish him the best Father's Day also, because from him I learned independence and strength! Love ya!!

Friday, June 12, 2009 time in the pool...

Well it has been hot, very hot here in Texas, so it was time to get Abigail's pool out, plus Ryan was home and I wanted him to be home when she used her pool for the first time. Abigail certainly loved her pool and I had no doubt she would since she loves her bathtub too! Looking forward to many pool days!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

9 month doc appointment

Ahhh... this is what small town living is all about, when doctors take there time with you and don't rush off to there next patient within 1 minute of coming into the room. I almost forgot what it was like to live in a small town. People are very friendly, I have to remember to wave at everyone that walks or drives by when I am out and about. The customer service is great! It is quiet and people are not rushed. So I highly recommend it if you can!

Abigail had her 9 month check up appointment with her new doctor earlier this week. I really like Abigail's doctor, hopefully I will find a doctor for myself that I like. This was the first doctor that really seemed to generally care and took her time with us. I also like how they send you home with the stats and information about the child's age in writing, not where I am trying to memorize it and then quickly write it down. Anyways, she is perfectly healthy but after asking some questions about her eye rash and talking about the allergy test results it appears she does have some allergies and one of them is our dogs (others are cats, ragweed, oak trees and grass, which are all things I have allergies to). Luckily her symptoms are just a small rash that she gets around her eyes that come and go. The doctor wouldn't say either way if the dogs should go or not, I guess that is something we will have to decide. Luckily I am a bit of a clean freak, so that helps. I do need to find out more about these allergies, love to hear if anyone has any advice or information that I should read.

I ordered Abigail's new car seat and also a cover for shopping carts/high chairs (again I am a bit of a germ phobe, but not OCD, more for safety and health reasons). I am looking forward to them being delivered soon, UPS man where are you with my things? But Abigail is just getting to big for me to carry around in her infant car seat and she has almost outgrown it. So time to move up to bigger things, almost kind of sad, because it means she is getting older and soon will no longer be my little baby.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Girls!

My friend Jennifer who lives in Houston not too far from us, came over today for some lunch and a visit. It has been a while since we saw each other, actually my shower I think or maybe it was when we came to Houston for a visit, well anyhow it had been a while, but it was like old times, except that we both have daughters now. Her daughter Kiya is 13 months old and such a little cutie too, as you can see. Kiya gave me a little taste of what is ahead for Ab's and I when she starts walking, watch out! Kiya and Abigail had a nice afternoon of play time, here are a few pictures of our afternoon.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lots of firsts going on here...

This morning we enjoyed our first family golf outing and Abigail loved she, for some reason she thought it was funny when daddy hit the golf ball. Maybe she is thinking she can do better. Can't wait for her to be able to play, someday she will be kick dad's butt in golf!! Go Girl!! Also daddy did say the sweetest thing today, he said he wouldn't trade Abigail for any boy in the world!

About a month ago when we found out that we would be moving, we took Abigail to her first Hook's Baseball game. She didn't have as much fun there, she seemed uninterested and bored. Can't blame her, I only went for the food and to people watch.

First Train Ride :)

Daddy showing Abigail how to drive the train!

This was given to her for Christmas from Grandparents Cogley's she is now old enough to play with it and she likes it!!