Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Birthday!!

Abigail did most of her birthday celebrating last week in Minnesota. Since Daddy was away working, Abigail and I went to Austin to stay with one of our close friends Stacy, her hubby and daughter. Tiffany and Harper, our other close friends stop in for a visit to at Stacy's, so it was great to have us three women together and our three girls together in one room, and darn it, I forgot to take pictures. It was a nice weekend connecting with friends and just being in Austin doing a little R&R. Abigail had a wonderful time playing and exploring. I was able to attend a much needed yoga workshop, Tapping the Nectar of the Goddess, oh it was sooooo good, more on that on another posting when I have time sit down and do some inner reflecting. To top of our wonderful weekend, we came home and Ryan was there with a homemade supper! Here are a few pictures of Abigail on her actual one year birthday, doing one of her favorite things, reading books.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Minnesota Trip

We got back from the best trip to Minnesota! I didn't get much relaxation in, as the trip was mostly for Abigail, but it was great being around family at all times. I am already missing the cool clean air, my family, and friends in Minnesota. Hopefully our next trip will be longer, but it will have to wait till after winter. No way do I want to be up there in the winter, been spoiled since living in Texas for the last five years.

Happy to report, Abigail is an excellent traveler. She did very well on the airplane. She loves to people watch and experience new things. Abigail was baptised at St. Peter Luthern Church while we were there. This is the church Ryan and I were married at. It was a beautiful ceremony! Abigail looked so beautiful in her baptism gown. We also celebrated her first birthday party at Clear Lake Park while we were there. It was the best party I have ever been too. Watching everyone meet Abigail and take the bite of her first birthday cake was priceless.

She enjoyed her stay at Grandpa and Grandma Wobschall's home. They spoiled her to the max. She has her own room there. Well I kind of have my own room there too. Ryan enjoyed a couple days up at his dad and step-mom's place in the northernwood's. Then they came down in there camper to be able to come to her baptism and party. The rest of the time we were busy traveling back and forth between all the grandparent's home in southern Minnesota. Abigail loved meeting her Great Grandpa Wobschall and Great Grandma Woelpern. She loves her Uncle Jason and Aunt Amber, they spent a few nights playing with them. She met her Great Aunt Laura and cousin Alissa, and Great Uncle John on Friday night. We all went out to Buffalo Wild Wings, where Abigail spent some time with her Cogley Grandparents, Great Aunt Irene and Great Uncle Michael. She spent time playing in the band with her cousin Dezbah, Aunt Rachel & Uncle Melvin. She played with her step cousin Julia at her birthday party. Abigail enjoyed spending time at her birthday party with her all her Grandparent's (Cogley's Wobschall's, and Woelpern's), family, and friends. This little girl is spoiled she has 3 sets of Grandparent's, plus her Great Grandpa, and her Great Grandma. Plus all her aunts and uncles do a good job at spoiling her too.