Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Birthday!!

Abigail did most of her birthday celebrating last week in Minnesota. Since Daddy was away working, Abigail and I went to Austin to stay with one of our close friends Stacy, her hubby and daughter. Tiffany and Harper, our other close friends stop in for a visit to at Stacy's, so it was great to have us three women together and our three girls together in one room, and darn it, I forgot to take pictures. It was a nice weekend connecting with friends and just being in Austin doing a little R&R. Abigail had a wonderful time playing and exploring. I was able to attend a much needed yoga workshop, Tapping the Nectar of the Goddess, oh it was sooooo good, more on that on another posting when I have time sit down and do some inner reflecting. To top of our wonderful weekend, we came home and Ryan was there with a homemade supper! Here are a few pictures of Abigail on her actual one year birthday, doing one of her favorite things, reading books.


  1. Get a load of those absolutely gorgeous blue eyes and long long eyelashes in picture three!
    Grandma North

  2. Her face has changed since the last pictures. She's such a cutie!!

  3. Happy Birthday Abigail! Thank you for sharing!


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