Saturday, October 31, 2009

A little fun at the park on Halloween

Ab's and I headed to the park on this lovely Halloween day for the Strut Mutt Festival. There was a parade, agility course, games, etc... Abigail loved watching the people and the dogs. I took a couple pics of a few of the dogs dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

Tonight we head to the Halloween Festival at the church down the street from our house! I'll be sure to take some more pictures.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Love the month of October with all the fall activities!

Abigail and I have been on the move recently. We started going to MOPS and have met some wonderful gals. Wish I would have known about this group before, but at least now I am finally meeting some people around Bellville. I am glad I joined, I have already made some good friendships from it and stay at home mothers need that. Last week we went to Tracye's for a playdate and had a wonderful time! We attended our weekly storytime and then enjoyed a nice lunch with Heather and her son Alex at the wonderful Must Be Heaven!

Abigail and I have been out and about this weekend, yesterday we attend the local craft show. Today we went to OktoberFest. I dressed Abigail up in her ladybug outfit. It's a bit big, but she is still cute a bug and she loved it! She will get another use out of it this week before Halloween, as we have a Halloween park playdate to go to on Thursday.

Also had to upload the pic of her in her cute dress on the move. The girl is a crawling machine, all over the place. She enjoys standing around her music table and jamming to the tunes. Last night, she took a couple steps between the couch and coffee table, so won't be long and will be walking and running all over the place.

Daddio has been working in Corpus and recently took a quick trip to Minnesota. He is on a train so he might get to stop by tomorrow for a visit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ryan's Vacation

Well I guess it is my vacation too or is it? Wondering when does a Stay At Home Housewife/Mom really get vacation days? Hmmm....none the less, we have a had a great week, despite the rain we have received about every day of vacation, but isn't that how it usually goes. Our first day of vacation we went to the Bellville Parade, Fair, and Rodeo. Friday we did some shopping in the big city! Saturday we headed to Scarecrow Fest in Chappel Hill. I wasn't prepared for how big the Festival was going to be, hundreds of booths of gifts, crafts, food, etc...! The last few days we have just spent time around home, relaxing, getting out for some walks in the cooler weather we are finally having, cooking and baking. Starting to feel like Fall around here, which is my favorite time of the year. As you can see we had to break out the long sleeves.

It appears our little Abigail is ready to start using the computer. I caught her in the act!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bellville Parade

So it was a hot and humid morning, but we ventured out to this morning big parade that the whole town shuts down for. I have some great pics of Abigail and her friend Kiya (Jennifer and Kiya ventured over from Houston to go to the parade with us.) and also my friends daughter float for the St. Mary's Preschool. But the darn camera won't upload my photos, so will have to try again later. I do have to say it was the cutest float, you should have seen the little cherries! Way to go Tracye and Lauren and the whole St. Mary's Preschool for building a beautiful float!

Now I probably would have enjoyed the parade a little more had it not been so hot. But good news they say there is a cold front coming. I hope it is here to stay, as we sure could use a cool down from the long hot humid summer, that seems to never end around here.

Ryan/Daddio is home for the week, so lot's of fun activities planned for the weekend. Fair, rodeo, and scarecrow fest. Of course hope to do a little relaxing with some yoga and golf too, can't forget our two favorite things to do. Well mine is yoga and Ryan's is golf. Also maybe try to get that date night in since we can actually plan to do something and not have to worry about the railroad calling and ruining our plans.

I will try to get some good pictures of our activites and some fun postings, so stay tuned for more to come!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun morning and fresh cool air!

It is a beautiful day in Bellville, overcast with cooler air. Which made it a nice day to go to the pumpkin patch at St. Mary's Church (thank you Tracye for the invite) and Market Days in Bellville. Abigail loves to people watch and be around others, as do I. We both met some wonderful people out and about this morning. After all the excitement this morning she only played a few minutes before wanting her lunch and nap. All that fresh air and meeting new friends was exhausting for a little girl.

While Abigail naps it's a great time to upload some of our fun and cute pictures from the morning. Speaking of naps, I know the two naps a day is about to come to an end for us. So for now I do treasure the nap time to relax a little and get things done. As anyone that is a stay at home mommy, knows all about how hard it is to get me time. So on to my next to do before the little one is awake. Then after nap we are onto our next adventure. Stay tuned who knows what it will be.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lots to be thankful for...

We are slowly adjusting to Ryan being in Corpus Christi most of the time because of work. Hasn't been easy, but trying to stay positive and hopeful.
Abigail and I ventured over to the children's consignment shop a week ago. If you haven't been there it is a great store, very organized, good prices, and some really great finds. We brought home some new wheels for Abigail. So check it out:
Yesterday was a great day. Abigail and I went to our first MOPS meeting. I have to say I was a little nervous at first. Am happy to share this is a wonderful group of gals and they all seem very supportive of one another and there for each other. Looking forward to getting to know the gals better and make some wonderful friendships. Also Ryan made it home yesterday for a visit. Therefore I was able to get out for a few hours and meet up with Tiffany in Warrenton for the Antiques Flea Market. It was nice catching up with her and I also found some bookends for Abigail's room which I have been looking for. Today is going to be another wonderful day, as Ryan will be able to stay for a while today, so we can have some family time.
So thankful for my family, old friends, and new friends!!