Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bellville Parade

So it was a hot and humid morning, but we ventured out to this morning big parade that the whole town shuts down for. I have some great pics of Abigail and her friend Kiya (Jennifer and Kiya ventured over from Houston to go to the parade with us.) and also my friends daughter float for the St. Mary's Preschool. But the darn camera won't upload my photos, so will have to try again later. I do have to say it was the cutest float, you should have seen the little cherries! Way to go Tracye and Lauren and the whole St. Mary's Preschool for building a beautiful float!

Now I probably would have enjoyed the parade a little more had it not been so hot. But good news they say there is a cold front coming. I hope it is here to stay, as we sure could use a cool down from the long hot humid summer, that seems to never end around here.

Ryan/Daddio is home for the week, so lot's of fun activities planned for the weekend. Fair, rodeo, and scarecrow fest. Of course hope to do a little relaxing with some yoga and golf too, can't forget our two favorite things to do. Well mine is yoga and Ryan's is golf. Also maybe try to get that date night in since we can actually plan to do something and not have to worry about the railroad calling and ruining our plans.

I will try to get some good pictures of our activites and some fun postings, so stay tuned for more to come!!

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  1. Thanks Jennie! We had fun & were sweating with you!


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