Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun morning and fresh cool air!

It is a beautiful day in Bellville, overcast with cooler air. Which made it a nice day to go to the pumpkin patch at St. Mary's Church (thank you Tracye for the invite) and Market Days in Bellville. Abigail loves to people watch and be around others, as do I. We both met some wonderful people out and about this morning. After all the excitement this morning she only played a few minutes before wanting her lunch and nap. All that fresh air and meeting new friends was exhausting for a little girl.

While Abigail naps it's a great time to upload some of our fun and cute pictures from the morning. Speaking of naps, I know the two naps a day is about to come to an end for us. So for now I do treasure the nap time to relax a little and get things done. As anyone that is a stay at home mommy, knows all about how hard it is to get me time. So on to my next to do before the little one is awake. Then after nap we are onto our next adventure. Stay tuned who knows what it will be.

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  1. Grandma North loves the pictures. Fall is a great time of year no matter where you live.


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