Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ryan's Vacation

Well I guess it is my vacation too or is it? Wondering when does a Stay At Home Housewife/Mom really get vacation days? Hmmm....none the less, we have a had a great week, despite the rain we have received about every day of vacation, but isn't that how it usually goes. Our first day of vacation we went to the Bellville Parade, Fair, and Rodeo. Friday we did some shopping in the big city! Saturday we headed to Scarecrow Fest in Chappel Hill. I wasn't prepared for how big the Festival was going to be, hundreds of booths of gifts, crafts, food, etc...! The last few days we have just spent time around home, relaxing, getting out for some walks in the cooler weather we are finally having, cooking and baking. Starting to feel like Fall around here, which is my favorite time of the year. As you can see we had to break out the long sleeves.

It appears our little Abigail is ready to start using the computer. I caught her in the act!

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  1. It isn't fair that vacations have to end is it?
    Grandma North


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