Friday, December 4, 2009

Bellville’s 27th Annual Small Town Christmas

Abigail and I attended Bellville's Annual Small Town Christmas lighted parade. It was the coldest day of the year, 36 degrees.

Funny how the day started out, I actually went for my morning run, didn't think the temperature was too bad. Then I get back from running and the it started to snow, light flurries off and all day. Though it all melted once it hit the ground, it was beautiful to see. Later morning we all started some of our Christmas shopping for our wonderful family and friends. Of course took in a yummy lunch at Little Whispers.

After supper Abigail and mommy got bundled up for the parade. (daddy missed the parade, railroad called him for work) Here are some pictures via the mobile phone, it is dark out, but hopefully you can make some of them out. Santa arrived in a mustang, there was the Grinch and his alligator mobile, Christmas village on top of the firetruck, plus our Bellville queen.

Hopefully it will warm up for Saturday, as the festivities continue with Market Days, carnival for the kids at the park, music, dancing, and Christmas pageants.

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  1. Sorry we missed you. You pics turned out better than mine, they were all ligthed blurs.


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