Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beautiful Days

We have had some really beautiful days this last week, 60s and sunny! Funny how it can be snowing one day and the next day a gorgeous sunny day! Yes we had a few cold days and some snow flurries. My friends in Austin area actually had more then flurries they had snow on the ground. I was hoping we would have received a little accumulation. Been almost 5 years since I have seen snow, though I really don't miss the long freezing Minnesota winters. Just like snow once in a while.

Abigail has been enjoying some outside time, getting use to walking on uneven ground and exploring the leaves and twigs in the back yard. Also been getting in some park time too!

I had my first day of work on Thursday at United Methodist Church in the nursery center for the Community Bible Study group. Abigail came to work with me that morning. She had a fun time playing in the room with all the different toys and children. Looks like she is going to make some new friends! I am taking care of the three year old and under room. Great group of little kids all with different personalities, sure does make the day fun and the time goes by fast. Plus the mother's that come in are wonderful too! I enjoy working and helping out in the nursery center and am looking forward to going back Thursday.

In addition more good news, I received a call about another yoga teaching opportunity at the gymnastics center, looking forward to talking with the owners this week! Looks like the yoga community is growing around here!

This upcoming Friday is Abigail's 18 month appointment. I can't believe she is going to be a year and half already! Moms are not kidding when they say it goes fast!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A few things that make me so very happy!
  • Love
  • seeing my beautiful daughter smile and laugh
  • dates with the hubby
  • seeing Abigail and Daddy having fun
  • Abigail and Junior dog playing together
  • family
  • friends
  • playtime with my daughter
  • playdates with other kiddos/friends
  • sunshine
  • fresh air
  • walking in nature
  • homemade banana muffins made today by me~yumo :)
  • yoga
  • organization/clutter~free
  • reading magazines and books
  • eating together as a family (not always easy with a husband who has crazy work schedule)
  • I could go on, but will stop here today....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly update, lots to be thankful for!

Always seems like there is something on my list to do, but I can't complain, I love being a mama and wife! I enjoy making lists and checking off things, great to see the accomplishments I make, because sometimes, I wonder where did the day go?

It has been a crazy fun busy week, with various appointments, being a mama to the most beautiful girl in my world, organizing (I am in organizing mode this week!), errands, cleaning, and spending time with hubbio when he is home. Which sad to say hasn't been much lately, been feeling a little like a single mom (which I give high kudos to for those that are single moms), though can't complain because he is working out of the Houston area again and so that means we don't have to worry about him getting sent to another city for work. At least we get to see him every couple days! That is part of life as a railroad wife. Not being able to plan or know when your hubby might be home. Yesterday I met another railroad wife, she calls herself a widower. Us railroad wives have a special bond that only we understand. Most of my friends and family do not understand what it means to be on-call 24/7, no schedule, live by your phone (thank goodness for cell phones), being flexible, understanding that plans can get canceled or you go without the hubby. But really it isn't all that bad and I can't complain. I am use to the crazy non-schedule. We are thankful Ryan has a good paying job, which can be hard to come by in this economy. We are also lucky that his income provides for our family which does allow me to be a stay at home to care for our beautiful daughter.

Today both Ab's and I went to the doc's office this morning. She has been battling a cold for a couple weeks ago, but that is mostly cleared up. In addition to that cold though for the last week we have been battling the most nasty poops a person can imagine. I don't know how such a stink can come out of pretty little girl. Then of course I got some of Ab's cold. Didn't seem as bad until yesterday I started feeling headache and sore throat come on. Looked at my throat last night, not good, there were patches. First thing this morning, we both went in. I knew exactly what I had and was right, strep throat. The doc also looked at Ab's and well now we are both on antibiotics. Soon these nasty viruses will be out of our system! Of course the doc says gets some rest too, ha I thought, me rest. So not my personality, that is why I do YOGA! Plus we need groceries. Wow is that ever becoming a trip now, Ab's use to just sit and ride along, well now she likes to try and climb out, grab things of the shelf. Plus everyone has to stop and say hi to Abigail, because of course she is too darn cute not too! Our grocery store trips are taking longer and longer these days, but hey we make it fun!

On to exciting news! We became members of the United Methodist Church on Sunday. Love the church, great modern day church. We go to the 11am service, which features a band, and the pastor always has a great sermon and it always relates to everyday life and situations. Ab's and I continue to have fun at storytime, this week theme's focused on jungle animals. Though it is harder for her to sit still for the entire storytime now, she wants to get up and move around. We had MOPS this week, which looks to be our last one, at least for a while anyhow. Yesterday's theme was about friendship and meeting new people, it was a lot of fun! It is really a wonderful supportive group for mommies! I had an interview at the church for a nursery assistant position, which went very well! Great group of gals and kiddos! Yes happy to report I got the job, so that is why I won't be at MOPS! What is really great about the job, besides a little extra money, Abigail gets to come with me too! I will be working every Thursday through the school year! What a great way to also make some new friends too! Plus help out the community! I also got another yoga teaching opportunity at the Brenham Gym, I will be subbing classes there as they need me, and when a class opens up, I will have the opportunity to teach a regular class! Tomorrow I am very excited I am volunteering at the Texas Yoga Conference in Houston! I can't wait to meet some other yoga teachers and students that are in the area.

I am feeling very blessed by all the recent new friendships I have made and all the wonderful opportunities too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little lady with her purse

Oh my another sign of growing up! Today on her own, Abigail picked up her purse, walked around the house carrying it throughout the day. She received this as a gift from Santa this year and hasn't paid much attention to it since Christmas day. I did not teach her this. It must come from observing mommy carrying her purse. So best watch what we do, we have little eyes watching us! :)

So sweet and sad!

Aw the love these two have for each! Abigail just loves Junior boy and Junior is so patient with her. It is too sweet for words! Junior lets Ab tug on him, pat him, pull his nails, and share his bed with him.

So sad our little girl is not a baby anymore. Ryan and I were talking and realized over night our little girl is growing up, way too FAST! She is walking around, talking away, causing mischief, and here she sits in her rocking chair, which she gets in and out all by herself. It is sweet but sad to see the baby in her disappearing, but it is amazing what a wonderful little girl she is! We are truly blessed! Everyday is a treasure to be around her!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is upon us and Abigail has the cutest outfit to wear. The tutu was made by our friend Jennifer and the sweater was a gift from her Grandma & Grandpa Wobschall! So today since Ab's is feeling better, we decided to play dress up and take some photos. Awwww and of course she is so precious and beautiful!! We just love Valentine's Day around here, I love the pink and red, hearts, chocolate, and of course the romance of it all~oh lala!! Saturday I will be teaching a special yoga class in honor of Valentine's day and the heart charka~Chocolate and Yoga!! Ryan and I will make some plans, have to wait to see if and when he will be home, one never knows if the railroad will have him working or not.

Abigail has been fighting a cold for the last few days, but happy to say she is finally feeling better and I have been lucky so far and didn't get much of it. Now daddy is at work and isn't feeling well. I was smart, the minute I noticed she was getting sick I loaded up on vitamin C and echinacea green tea!

Today was Abigail's first dentist appointment. She did very well, though wouldn't let our friend Ashely who is also a hygienist at the dentist office we go to clean her teeth, but she did let the doctor take a quick look (after a little fun & help) and so far her teeth look great! So will keep on brushing a way, brush, brush, brush our teeth, lalala!!!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long day but a wonderful blessed day

Yesterday morning Ab's and I headed out the door bright and early to Austin/Round Rock. It was a beautiful day out so it made the drive an enjoyable one! Our main purpose for going was because I was one of the hostess for my beautiful friend Stacy's baby-shower! I was in charge of the tablecloth (which I made and am so proud of, it turned out beautiful), the flowers for the cake, and assisting with set-up. Another reason was my meeting with Yoga Yoga regarding yoga teacher subbing. The third reason was to pick up Junior boy, our german-shorthair pointer dog that we had adopted out to friends six months ago.

The meeting went well at Yoga Yoga! The shower was beautiful, the food was fabulous (way to go Stacy and Randi on all the yummies), and most important the gathering of friends and family was wonderful !! It was great to be in the presence of friendship/family and blessing to be with Stacy whom will be bringing another precious soul into the world soon! I am looking forward to meeting Indie very soon!!

It was exciting to see Junior boy, he is at home adjusting very well. I am looking forward to watching him and Abigail play together, or more like her chase him around, he is a shy timid boy. The reason we had adopted him out was because Abigail was having a reaction to him, she would get a rash around her eyes after touching him. So hopefully that will be better, the doctor said the dog allergy could go away. I really hope so, because Junior is a sweet boy!