Sunday, June 6, 2010

21 months, how time passes by so quickly

Where is my baby girl, she is quickly growing into a loving, smart, sweet toddler! Everyday she is so full of love and many fun surprises. She definitely loves her Junior dog, or Ju as she calls him. Learning things quickly and continues to teach me at the same time. She is also a little helper too and loves it, she helps with putting dishes way, putting trash where it belongs, picking up toys, and laundry, well when she isn't playing in it. :) Abigail just keeps getting more beautiful too, how is that possible, well it is those big blue eyes with the long lashes, that gorgeous strawberry blond hair that makes everyone turn there heads and ask where does she get her pretty hair from? I am such a proud mama and I know daddy would say the same thing about our sweet baby girl!!!


  1. It's hard to believe she's almost 2!! Crazy how time flies.

  2. So you came to my state for a visit, eh? It is a beautiful place to come to and be from. Been to Texas many time as a truck driver and the people down there are such a great bunch of people. We always enjoyed our time there.
    Just happen to be blog hopping today and am your newest follower.
    Your little girl is so sweet. Take care and have a great and blessed weekend.


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