Friday, August 27, 2010


Abigail had her first day of preschool today, looking beautiful as ever and always happy!

I had my first OB appointment for our 2nd baby on the way yesterday! My doc is on board with my beliefs and super sweet. Plus I have a doula already lined up too, I know how helpful it was when Stacy was my doula for my last birth. Feel free to check her out: All is good, I go back Monday for ultrasound, find out more details and get a look at little Baby A! Unfortunately I am dealing with the same all day nausea I had when pregnant with Abigail and this time I am really tired. As the doc says this is all normal everyone and every pregnancy is different. I just hope for the same easy labor and birth!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Been an eventful last few days here in the Woelpern household. So much to be thankful for, thank GOD!!
First I have been enjoying time with one of my besties Salinda. Salinda is here visiting for the week!! We have been out and about all over Bellville. We went to see Eat, Pray, Love, went to Lavender Fest, and out and about to the local cafes and shops.
Thursday night was my Thirty-One bag party. It was fun for me until little Abigail fell off the kitchen chair and hit her head. She started throwing up, so off to the ER we went. She continued to throw up there and they had a CT scan done right away. Thankfully just a concussion, but it was a long night. I was so happy the next morning when she woke up, chatting away and called for Ju (Junior our dog) and said EAT right away. Children make fast recoveries, I think I am still recovering from it all. Thank goodness for the wonderful friends that were here for the party, they all helped out and still had a good time.
Also more exciting news, though probably a bit early to announce, but we are all so very excited!! The Woelpern clan is expanding, Ab's is going to be a big sister!! Looks like the due date should be April 16, 2011!!
Thank God for watching over us, our wonderful friends & family, and our new addition on the way!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Going on to be 2 next month

Wow how the last two years have flown by! So hard to believe out little girl is going to be two years old next month!!

This last week has been full of new adventures for us. She is finally getting tall enough to get up onto the kitchen table chair all by herself. She loves playing Ms. Potato Head and is very good at putting the right pieces where they belong. This week she wore her Vacation Bible School shirt she made, it is so cute, for sure a keepsake!

Tomorrow I am off to college to go take my THEA test for enrollment. I am excited but yet a bit nervous! But if I want to be enrolled and ready to start August 30th, I better get a move on. Abigail starts preschool August 27th, three mornings a week. I know she is going to love it. So during that time I will be either busy taking online classes or attending college classes. I say wish us both luck, but I think we will both be great students!!