Friday, August 27, 2010


Abigail had her first day of preschool today, looking beautiful as ever and always happy!

I had my first OB appointment for our 2nd baby on the way yesterday! My doc is on board with my beliefs and super sweet. Plus I have a doula already lined up too, I know how helpful it was when Stacy was my doula for my last birth. Feel free to check her out: All is good, I go back Monday for ultrasound, find out more details and get a look at little Baby A! Unfortunately I am dealing with the same all day nausea I had when pregnant with Abigail and this time I am really tired. As the doc says this is all normal everyone and every pregnancy is different. I just hope for the same easy labor and birth!


  1. Our little girl is growing up way to fast. Can't wait to see her and celebrate her birthday! Grandma Mary

  2. That dress is adorable on her.
    Grandma North


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