Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Year Check-up

As the lady at the front desk at the Clinic said, I can't believe she is two already, where did the time go? Exactly!!

Ab's had a good checkup and didn't even cry when she got her shot! Now she doesn't have to go back for a whole year, loving that! She is now 25 lbs 14 oz and 32 1.2 inches, so that puts her in the 25-50% for weight and 25% in height, she is growing and is good portion.

As some of you know our preschool experience did not go very well. At this time I will not go into details or what my observations and thoughts are. It was just shocking to us, as Abigail loves people and enjoys going to church childcare center and did so well at vacation bible school. Anyhow, as we were talking with Abigail's doctor about what happened, she said there have been some other parents with complaints, so that relieved us knowing we are not the only one's. She said one of these days soon she would be butting heads. Got love Ab's doc!. I am actually relieved she said that because as a mom I was questioning myself and having my own doubts, wondering did I do something wrong, did I miss out on teaching my child something or not preparing her? Sure I still have questions and wonder what exactly happened or why, but right now I am ok with it and am moving on. So what does this mean for us now? We are enjoying time at home playing, learning and preparing for new baby together.

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