Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween fun!!

What a month of fun Halloween activities. A couple week's ago we attended our church's Fall Festival. Abigail played games and won some fun trinkets. Yesterday we headed to the Halloween Pet Parade at the park. Tonight I enjoyed heading out the door with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, aka the lovely Abigail!! We headed to a local church for Trick and Treat fun, where Abigail played games to win prizes, she did very well and had a lot of fun!! Then we visited a few neighbors where she got some special treats!! She really got into getting her treats!! Well time to retire Dorothy to bed time. Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Perfect Fall Weather

We are having some wonderful fall weather here in Texas. With that we have been spending lots of time outdoors. One of Abigail's favorite things is collecting acorns. Of course she loves going to the park and going for walks also. Daddy has been teaching her to skip rocks.
Yesterday we enjoyed the Austin County Fair Parade! I remember last year we were dying of heat, this year had to wear long sleeves. Love this weather!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is here, finally

Ahhhh the cooler weather is finally here and we have been enjoying spending time outside everyday! Playing out in the back yard, checking out the cows across the street, walks around the block, and feeding the horses down the street.

Yesterday Abigail and I checked out market days and then headed to Brenham for lunch and errand shopping. As I was having lunch with my little girl, I was thinking how relaxing and sweet this is to have this one on one time. Then I thought, girl you better take advantage of this while you can, baby number two will be here and then there will be two of you. But I know it will be just as enjoyable, but maybe not as relaxing. Will have to make sure Ryan and I both take time to bond with the kiddos one on one, as I feel that is also important as being together as a family too!

I am now three months pregnant with Baby A, still feeling the all day nausea and tiredness. I was hoping the nausea wouldn't last as long as it did when I was pregnant with Abigail, seven months. But at least I am healthy and we are all doing great! Plus only six months to go!!

Time to get out and enjoy that beautiful weather and head to church!! Have a wonderful day, much love to all my family and friends!!