Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Update

Wednesday we found out we are having a boy!! We are very excited, Aidan William's expected date of arrival is April 12, 2011.

December is a crazy month for us, not only is it the holiday season, but we also sold our house or should I say traded houses with a friend and closing December 16th. I have been busy making moving preparations, packing, and all the fun things that go along with moving (ok not so fun things). I am so happy today I finished shopping for holiday gifts, so that is one big check mark off my mile long to do list. But we are so excited that we will be in a new home in time to celebrate Christmas!! Abigail is getting a new room and big girl bed!! Aidan will have his own room when he arrives, plus we will have room for our family and friends to stay at when they visit. Well actually they get there own separate room and bath detached from the house.

Over the weekend Abigail and I have been enjoying time with one of my besties Salinda. We went craft and Christmas shopping, checked out the holiday parade, and tonight watching Eclipse. Sure has been a few fun days of girl time!! Hubby was even home to catch the parade this year too!!

I realize it is only December 4th as I write this but it already feels like the month is flying by with all the things going on.

That is a quick update, now back to packing....

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  1. I'm happy for you guys to have a boy!!! Grandpa Bill would be happy to know his name will also live on. I hope you can get some rest before the arrival!!


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